Where is God in my pain?

Major losses in life often blindside us. It can feel like we’re truly trapped in our pain, with no one to help or guide us out of it. We feel stuck and alone. We don’t know how to process what’s happened and feel ashamed, hurt, and shattered by our circumstances. It’s natural to wonder — if God is good, why is He letting me suffer?
Does He even see me? What have I done to deserve this?

Finding the purpose

Seeing beyond the painful season you’re in is a tremendous undertaking. It’s our belief that no one should have to do it alone. When we express our experiences, we are able to see our lives more clearly in the context of God’s plan for our lives. Pain 2 Purpose is all about moving from a place of grief into recovery, building your spiritual strength, and rediscovering emotional wholeness.

From Pain 2 Purpose

The latest book from Duane and Cindy Mullet details their personal experiences navigating pain and loss. Together with Dr. David Ferguson, they detail a tried-and-true journey from grief to recovery. With interactive prompts and exercises to help process loss and forge ahead, From Pain 2 Purpose empowers readers to:
  • receive comfort for past losses,
  • find healing for broken hearts,
  • build your spiritual strength,
  • rediscover emotional wholeness, and
  • enjoy greater peace of mind.
Embark on your path to recovery and let the hope of God’s promises unlock a renewed sense of purpose for your life and future.

New Album

Standing in Miracles by The Mullet Family

How can I find peace?

The Mullett Family

The Mullett Family serves across the country in sharing their ministry through seminars and songs. For over 30 years, Duane and Cindy have been involved in full-time church ministry and conduct seminars on grief recovery. Throughout their years of ministry, they have been faced with many painful struggles, including the loss of their son, Austin. They have authored several books, the newest of which is From Pain 2 Purpose.

The Mullett Family

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