Current Projects

Acoustic album recording

We’re embarking on a unique project, and we’d love your feedback!

The idea is to record a simple, “striped-down”, acoustic album featuring
Alisha singing songs that are meaningful to her in light of her intense
health battle the last few years.

This is her heart behind the album:
“Quiet is messy. It’s when our questions surface and honesty is

“Why doesn’t God heal me?” “Does He even see me down here?” “Why does “faith” feel like a coping mechanism?”

As a Christian, asking these questions is uncomfortable. But as a chronic
illness warrior, these questions are important. Stillness is needed to
process them well….but to be still without God’s presence is rumination
and bitterness.

In my misery and abundance loss, I have turned to music as a distraction from the uncomfortable questions…until God used music as an avenue to experience His love. In this album, I invite you with me into God’s presence: Where what we experience is safe for broken hearts, unhealed wounds, and raw faith.” -Alisha

If you would like to show your support for this project, $5, $25, or $100
will help us make this happen.

Building Fundraiser


One of the huge challenges of this past year has been figuring out how to travel with the extreme environmental limitations Alisha still has. We are so thankful for the healing from mold poisoning that God has brought to her body, but the practical challenges of how mold affects her skin so dramatically still remains.

Recently we received a call. There are individuals who want to DONATE a building to us that’s large enough to store the bus as well as provide office space for us to work from! This is an incredible answer to prayer.

Although the bus has been remediated, we currently have no place to store it inside, which makes it nearly impossible to keep mold free.

Also, for the past 10 years, we have worked from home, with our secretaries working remotely. Our office space has been office by day, and bedroom for Chantaya and Kyra by night. We have our filming studio in the basement, as well as for storage for products and the sound system. We have been blessed to have this space while home from tours, but it would be a huge blessing to have designated work space for these things.

Unfortunately, we currently have no place to put this new building. After prayer and counsel from our board, we are launching a fundraiser for the cost of the land, septic, well, etc. to make this possibility a reality. This is a huge project, but we are trusting God, and excited about what He has in store.

This 1.84-acre parcel of land fronts HWY 64/Brevard Road (15 minutes from our house) and zoning indicates that multiple use buildings can be built there, and allows many possibilities for its use. It costs $119,000.

Land & Mechanicals Needed!

Keeping our bus inside would give us the possibility of keeping it in a dry mold free environment so that our daughter Alisha could also travel on it.

A pole building structure has been donated and we are asking if you would consider assisting with the additional cost. We would appreciate your support, including labor, materials or finances, in any way God leads you.

Here is a breakdown of financial cost:

  • Building: 35,000 (donated)
  • Electrical: $10,000
  • Plumbing:  $12,000
  • Excavation: $5,000
  • Insulation: $15,000
  • Heat pump: $12,000
  • Well: 13,000
  • Septic: 12,500
  • Land estimate:  $119,000.00
Total $233,500
Sketch of building
Building design

$198,500.00 needed for the entire project

With the basic structure being donated we would need approx. $198,500.00 for the entire project.

We currently have just over $60,000 donated toward this project! If God lays it on your heart to support this mission financially, please label your donation “building fund”.

Otherwise we appreciate your support for general operating.