Your Greatest Gift to God

What is one of the most bitter-tasting things that we struggle with in all the stages of life? It is something that never comes easily, and yet, it is one of the greatest gifts that we can ever give to God.

The last few weeks, I have been writing about some of the wonderful gifts that we have received from God. When we truly recognize the magnitude of these gifts, our greatest gift back to God will be because of our gratitude to Him.

It is the gift of surrender. As a Mom to both toddlers and teenagers, I can see that surrender is never easy at any stage of life. I used to think that by the time I was a parent, surrender to God would become much easier, but I haven’t exactly found this to be true. What about you? Has it become easier to surrender to God, or do you still struggle to accept His will for your life?

I have found that when I am growing closer in my relationship to God, I don’t question God’s goodness and struggle with this surrender issue. You see, once I have come to the place of resting in the realization that I will never understand God’s ways, I don’t have to make sense of why God allows school shootings, broken relationships, cancer, and death. Just like a young child has the unquestioning faith in their parent’s love, I am assured of my Father’s love in spite of  all of my questions. Spiritual maturity is no longer trying to understand all the “whys”, but rather, it is trying to be all that God wants me to be. It’s living above all the “whys”.

Contrary to our thinking, surrender is not a sign of weakness. It takes much strength to surrender to God and His will for your life. Weakness is giving in to what comes naturally to the flesh which is resistance to God’s will. Too often, I have seen the ways that God’s children continue to struggle with the tough word of surrender. I believe when there is a sickness, we should claim God’s Word and continue to go to God in prayer for physical healing. However, sometimes we continue to proclaim God’s healing because we don’t want to accept or surrender to God’s will. It’s about His will being done and NOT our own!

In the prison ministry that we are involved in, we have seen the beautiful response that takes place when men and women respond to new truths that were exposed to them. A few weeks ago, we were at a women’s prison, and the beautiful response at the altar must have filled God’s heart with much joy! These ladies had tears streaming down their faces and their hands lifted in surrender to God, as we sang this song:


When I’m at the pointing of breaking, at the place where I resign,

When I’m at the stage of shaking my head, as I look back at my life,  

When I’m half way through the grieving, but not quite through the ache,

When I cannot see the ending, or which road I’m supposed to take

All I know to do is lift my hands to You….


Take all of my life, all of my life, and make something beautiful. 

I open my hand, trusting Your plan.

To make something beautiful, so all will see, Your work in me,

As You make something beautiful.


When I’m tired of pretending, and I can’t recall my lines,

Do I say I’m barely breathing, or just say I’m doing fine?

I admit there is a yearning,  for the hurting to subside,

But not at the risk of missing, what You’re doing with my life.

All I know to do is lift my hands to You…


During this Christmas and New Year’s season, give God the gift that He so greatly desires from you…the beautiful gift of a life completely surrendered to His will. You will find that it is a gift that will keep giving back to you!

  • Montana severe
    Posted at 21:25h, 08 January

    It is so hard and yet releasing all the “why?s” is exactly what I am struggling with… You all are a great encouragement, and I really appreciate your willingness to let God use you to minister to so many hearts. Love you

  • Duane & Cindy
    Posted at 17:01h, 14 January

    I am sorry to hear that you struggle with theses “whys” as well, but it is because we are feeble and finite. I am so grateful that our infinite God knows and understands this.He longs for the day when He will reward us for trusting in Him in spite of not understanding. His ways are perfect! We can rest securely in Him! PTL!

  • Nelle
    Posted at 05:11h, 05 January

    Thanks for shniarg. Always good to find a real expert.

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