Why Physical Healing Isn’t Always Biblical

PC Alisha Mullett

When it comes to physical healing, our family has encountered nearly every view regarding it. In spite of that, we’re still learning and seeking the heart of our Father regarding physical infirmities and healing.

One of our passions is to reach out to those who’ve been deeply hurt or disillusioned by a wrong view regarding physical healing. We’ve met many individuals who began walking away from God because He didn’t come through for them like they thought He would.

My desire isn’t to be pessimistic, but to be honest and real with you. So let’s get this straight and let me warn you…

God is not always going to “come through” for you. 

Yes, I said it. There are times God’s not going to answer your heartfelt prayer of faith the way you desire. You are going to come to a place where you feel like God has let you down. The healing that you’re sincerely trusting Him for isn’t always going to happen.

Jesus’ disciples were filled with tremendous faith. Yet, they were all murdered, except for John. Don’t you think they earnestly prayed for God to deliver them?

Now, before I continue, please hear me. As God’s children, God will always be there for us. To carry us through any difficult trial we face. He will never leave us or forsake us! But we’ve often twisted what God’s word says, giving us a wrong perception of Him. We shouldn’t expect to live in a fallen world without experiencing the consequences.Our prideful nature causes us to believe God owes us His continual protection.
I’m sure you’ve probably seen times when God has miraculously answered your prayer of faith. God came through for you or someone you know. Our family has also seen God bringing supernatural healing. And so have many others. But then what happens when suddenly God doesn’t answer like you thought He was going to? When He doesn’t seem to come through for you? What happens to faith then?

There are individuals who believe we should claim healing has occurred in our bodies regardless of whether or not healing has taken place. Now we can pray in faith believing that God can and will heal, if He so desires. But it’s not a good idea to ignore your symptoms. And I don’t believe it’s biblical.

In Mark 8, we can see a good example of this:

“They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him.  He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. When he had spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands on him, Jesus asked, ‘Do you see anything?’  He looked up and said, ‘I see people; they look like trees walking around.’ Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly.” (Mark 8: 22-25)

Do you notice how Jesus never told the blind man to ignore his symptoms and blurry vision and instead claim complete healing? Convincing ourselves that we’re healed when our symptoms are showing us otherwise is not right.

Photo Credit: Alisha Mullett

Faith is not equivalent to ignoring reality. If we’re not healed, it’s more important that we’re honest about it. As long as healing is needed, we should pray in faith, believing and asking. Yes, many false teachers give indication that healing doesn’t take place until we declare that healing has occurred. But I believe that goes against scripture.

Faith is not claiming healing. Faith is claiming the promises in God’s Word. Instead of demanding and focusing on healing, we should be focusing on lining ourselves up with the will of God and His promises to me.

Below are two different models of a prayer of faith:

1.) “Father, I declare healing in the name of Jesus. I take authority over this sickness and I declare that it is gone. I pray in faith believing that my body is completely healed and that no weapon formed against me will prosper. I believe that Jesus took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses. I refuse to allow sickness to dominate or affect my body. I declare that my body is in perfect health. Every cancer, disease, or abnormality is uprooted from my body and replaced by cells that work perfectly. I believe that by Your stripes, Jesus, that I am healed. In Jesus name, amen.” 

2.) “Father, You know this unsurpassable mountain that’s right in front of me. You know that it’s impossible for me to climb it. Father God, You’ve said that all things are possible with You. And I believe it’s possible for You to remove this mountain that’s in front of me. You’ve also said that all things are possible to anyone who believes. God, I choose to believe that You are able. I believe that You will carry me and that Your grace will be sufficient regardless of the outcome. You have promised that You will be with me when I walk through the fire.

God, I pray for Your healing touch as I surrender myself to Your perfect will. I offer You no promises,  bargains or deals in exchange for my health. Help me, Father, to simply believe and rest more fully in You. I pray for Your will to be done. You know I desire to receive physical healing. But even more than that, I desire for You to receive the most glory. I choose to surrender to Your big picture and eternal plan. Regardless of what happens, I choose to believe You are still good.” 

Which model of prayer do you believe is the most biblical? Which one best reflects how Christ spoke to His Father?

The first model of prayer may have been working for you. But it won’t always. There will be some time that God will not heal. If you never learn to pray the second model of prayer, your faith will be deeply shaken. You may even walk away from God because of it. I know because we have met and prayed with many where this is the case.

Photo Credit: Alisha Mullett

My friend, is your faith strong enough to accept when God doesn’t heal you or your loved one? When we don’t have a correct biblical view of God and His ways, we’re going to feel betrayed by Him when calamity strikes.

Your unwavering faith in God’s goodness and sovereignty is a much greater issue than your physical healing. God IS there for you. But make sure you’re able to clearly see Him instead of having cloudy vision like the blind man who wasn’t completely healed. Allow God to show you who He is through His word. And you will see there are things far more important than your physical healing.

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family)

  • Ben Shirk
    Posted at 09:30h, 02 December

    Thank you for speaking out on a subject that has been so badly distorted by prosperity preachers (health & wealth). I say, “Amen!” to solid teaching.

  • Sandra Miller
    Posted at 12:00h, 02 December

    Background for me: our 25 YO daughter was married with two littles, died from a glioblastoma. She was anointed three times for each tumor but died anyways. I have arthritis with its accompanying pain. I am ageing. Dying.

    But I also believe in divine healing. As I understand scripture God allows infirmities to teach us something – if nothing else it is to force us to become dependent on Him. Americans treasure independence and when affliction hits we find ourselves vulnerable because it interferes with our ambitions. In any case I find we need to take it to the LORD and deal with it there, always knowing that we are dying and that is a promise from God who has never rescinded it. For the believer dying is not the worst thing that can happen to him/her. I promise. For the saint it is a homecoming, a release from pain/sorrow. It is the loved ones left behind that grieve and even there God gives comfort that far surpasses any that can be had anywhere.
    My experience.

  • Josh Tinley
    Posted at 19:44h, 18 December

    I found your website after watching Tiny Notes from Home. I myself have struggled with healing from severe eczema all over my body, it has not appeared like I had expected but I know God is faithful. I can’t begin to understand the struggle you are going through but a lack of healing does not automatically mean that God doesn’t heal. It says God does not change, furthermore scripture indicates that Jesus healed ALL who came to him. If we are not healed it doesn’t mean God is ignoring us or failing to fulfill his promise. There are plenty of other reasons why healing may not manifest. I believe part of this may be that we need to be patient. Daniel had to wait 21 days for understanding on the end times because of the spiritual battles that were going on. Perhaps we need to wait for our requests to be answered.

    I believe you have a good heart but this article could increase someone’s unbelief that healing is for them and that healing is for today. Jesus says that whenever two or more agree on anything it shall be done for them by the Father in heaven. If our request is not answered does it mean God is a liar or could their be another reason we are not aware of? Like the bible says “Absolutely not! Let God be true and every man a liar.” Romans 3:4a.

    God bless,
    Josh Tinley

  • Diane Histand
    Posted at 11:59h, 03 January

    Thank you for these thoughts.
    One of my concerns when our daughter, 24, was given the reward of heaven completing her 2 month journey of stage 4 breast cancer; was the prayers of children, children pray so sincerely. My desire was/is for them to get a glimpse that will increase their faith that heaven is the ultimate healing.

    In the midst of my, and our family’s pain and grief, I too pray that I/we get a greater understanding of this, that in our human mind and heart we better comprehend this.

    The day our daughter took her last breath, I think we all just wanted to go with her. But God has more work for us here, we want to give Him glory.

  • Cindy Mullett
    Posted at 18:05h, 16 January

    Thank you for your comment, Josh. I agree that the “lack of healing does not automatically mean that God doesn’t heal.” And we don’t believe God is ignoring us or that He will EVER fail in fulfilling His promises. However, after 3 heart transplants and 2 aggressive cancers in our children and our son’s unexpected death) we’ve learned that God’s method of healing isn’t always what we expect or would like to see. In spite of multiple times of us fasting for them, having them anointed and someone prophetically speaking and praying healing over them, that kind of physical healing didn’t come. The cancer returned. Their diseased hearts weren’t healed and our son still died. Yet, there have also been times when we’ve seen God do supernatural miracles before our eyes. Healing and miracles certainly ARE for today. But death is as much of a part of living in a sin cursed world as a birth is. There were many people in Jesus’ days who died because of sickness. Jesus didn’t go to everyone who was sick and heal them. We believe the same is true for today. We’ve met too many people who’ve walked away from the Lord after they truly believed (and had an incredible amount of faith!) that God was going to heal their loved one, but He didn’t physically heal them here on earth. Someday you and I will die. As well as our family members. And most likely it will be from a sickness that God doesn’t heal. And I’m ok with that. Because being in the presence of my Savior is what I was truly created for. I certainly don’t want me or my family to be here on earth forever. Yet, as long as God blesses us with breath, we will continue praying and interceding for healing. Yet praising Him no matter the outcome. God bless you as you continue making Him known.

  • Cindy Mullett
    Posted at 18:36h, 16 January

    I’m so sorry to hear of your daughter’s passing, Diane. What a shock at such a young age! Our hearts go out to you, but you have the right perspective. Heaven certainly is the “ultimate healing” and our loved ones would never want to come back to this fallen earth. I believe one of the greatest testimonies we can have is when we choose to worship and declare God’s goodness during our losses. And I bless you for doing just that. Our prayers are with you and your family. May you experience His grace for each of your moments.

  • Laura Hunsberger
    Posted at 23:03h, 04 March

    I have experience this.. I had pray that God would heal me from my dizzyness in Faith and I was anointed with oil at that time. I want God glory to be done in my life wether he took it away or if I still have it. It was amazing experience I say that God heal my emotions more then anything at that time. He give me peace in the midst of really bad spell that night. He didn’t take it completely away. I still have my dizzy spells I just don’t threw up anymore since that time. He heal me so I won’t have do that every time so I been so grateful for that! I think sometimes we expect healing to be in one way when God can heal us in so many different ways even though we may still have the issue like I have it. I think God gives us what we need for when ask for healing and not always in the way we think. After My Dad die I have come to realize that all we can do is accept that God plans isn’t always our way. His will is want we should be seeking in times like that and not always the physical healing that he gives us.

  • Helen Sheats
    Posted at 16:48h, 05 March

    Hi Cindy! I’m glad I happened to see your article here. There are so many aspects of (miraculous) healing that we also have wrestled with over the years. I remember when you and I shared our mutual experiences of the Lord’s wonderful and precious presence when we experienced the death of our children, your son and our daughter. My testimony is that I learned more of the real comfort and presence of the Lord through the most difficult thing we had ever experienced than even the many “good” times with Him. Bottom line: we can trust Him, no matter what the outcome!

    On healing and why there are failures, the best book we’ve read is “The Real Faith” by Charles S. Price, a classic by a man greatly used in the miraculous healing of hundreds. He searched for the answer(s) about those who were NOT healed. I really recommend it! He explores what comprises the “real’ faith and how to get it. I hope that will be helpful to you and other readers. Available on Kindle or from used book sellers..

    My love to you and all your precious family!

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