Why God Wants to Have a Relationship With You
We were created for relationships. Deep, satisfying heart-to-heart connections. Each of us yearn for strong relationships with family and friends. Relational struggles are some of the biggest hurts any of us face.
In our years of traveling and meeting many people, we have developed relationships with many different people on a variety of levels. We are grateful to have many dear friends, and they are a tremendous blessing to us.

We are also extremely thankful for the close family ties we have within our family and also extended family. What gifts these relationships are!

As much as each of these relationships mean to us, they cannot begin to compare with the gift of a personal relationship with God. Think about it! The God of the universe wants to have an intimate connection with YOU! How unbelievable and amazing!

Many times, people want relationships because it meets a need within their hearts. They are often looking for love, acceptance, and significance. The more friends and relationships we have, the better it is, right?

But think of the life of Jesus…He had a small group close “friends,” and although He loved the twelve disciples deeply, His greater allegiance and devotion was directed toward His relationship with His heavenly Father.

Even though God doesn’t need any of us, He greatly desires a heart-to-heart connection with each of us. And why does He want a relationship with us? Simply because He created us, and He loves us.

This morning, as I was sitting outside on the porch here in beautiful, tropical Honduras, I saw the evidence of God’s love for me. The golden, morning sunshine streaming through the palm trees and the majestic mountains in the distance are a sign of His love. The joyful songs of the colorful birds flitting from tree to tree reminded me of His faithfulness to all of His creation. I feel so small and insignificant, yet I know I am loved and significant to my Father.

Every sunset I see is a reflection of God’s love. The waves of the oceans often remind me of His constant thoughts of love toward me.

My friend, God wants to have a relationship with you. If you don’t know Him in an intimate and personal way, then you are missing out on the most important and fulfilling relationship you can ever imagine. And if you’ve allowed any other relationship to distract you from connecting with Jesus, get your focus back to the most important relationship of all. Jesus wants to be more than your Savior…He wants to be your best friend and your anchor in life.

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family)

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