What Happens When Christians Respond Like Unbelievers

Our world has become chaotic and stressful. 

Fear runs rampant. Shortages of food and other toiletries are still evident in our stores. Accusation has escalated to an all time high. We are encouraged to participate in the Stay-at-Home Violation Complaints. We hold everyone at arm’s length because, God forbid, the risk of getting the virus is much more important than the spiritual and emotional well being of the individual in front of us.

What has happened to our world? 

I think we’re all feeling a bit like our daughter who wistfully said, “I wish we could just go back to our world before this virus.” 

Yep, girl. Me too! 

But what is most alarming is not Covid-19. Or even the political upheaval. Unfortunately, we’ve all been contaminated by an enemy that is not physical.  

The virus Christians are spreading has become more deadly than Corona. 

As Believers, we are called to make a difference. To demonstrate a better way. We possess a higher calling. However, many Christians possess greater fear than faith. They have more faith in the danger of the virus than in God. Fear is destroying lives.

The greatest thing impacting our lives isn’t Covid-19, but rather the lack of believers living out their faith. 

Many believers have adopted the same victim attitudes as unbelievers. These strong feelings of entitlement are destroying not only our world, but also our churches. 

For instance, why is it ok for me to demand that YOU stay at home to protect myself? Or even to protect my “high risk,” heart-transplanted daughter, who’s forced to live with a weakened immune system, so she doesn’t reject her transplanted heart? 

Although she has weakened lungs right now, what kind of a person would I be to expect others to alter their lives and cater to us? Isn’t it our responsibility to determine whether we go out in public rather than demanding you don’t? 

Although our daughter goes into dangerous, anaphylactic shock to cow’s milk via cross contamination, we don’t expect you to stop eating dairy to protect her, or demand that restaurants stop carrying dairy products. Even though it is extremely life-threatening for her. Wouldn’t it be better for us take responsibility for our own health (or lack of) rather than blaming others or expecting them to sacrifice their finances and care of their families to care for ours?  

The evil spirit of accusation is not only active in our society, but also in our churches.

We may be appalled at the controlling, malicious, victimized attitudes coming from those within the unbelieving community. Many of their demands of equality flowing from darkened hearts, spewing with bitterness. But we understand this, since they don’t personally know the Lord. However, we are seeing many of these same attitudes within the “church.”  Hurtful accusations are slung when Christians respond as unbelievers. 

Bitter accusations and rude remarks are rapidly fired on many social media threads right now. We are saying things to people via social media that we would never say to their face.

Shouldn’t we be graciously looking for the beauty we see in the hearts of those we disagree with? We should be slow to criticize others when we haven’t experienced the same journeys in life. Sadly, many Christians seem to respond with rapid assumptions and harsh accusations as unbelievers. 

Why is this?

Doesn’t being Spirit-filled include the words and actions we demonstrate on social media? Let’s focus on changing the world rather than shaming.

I understand when an unbeliever acts like an unbeliever. But Christians are called to a greater standard.

I understand fear…if we don’t believe in an all-powerful God.

I understand stockpiling food and essentials…if we doubt God’s provision for His children. 

I understand condemning those who don’t take precautions exactly like us…if we don’t believe in the beauty of personal responsibility.

I understand the concern for ourselves and our families…if we don’t understand God’s command of self sacrifice.

I understand responding as unbelievers…if we are unbelieving of our God.

As Believers, we just celebrated the resurrection power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But have we forgotten about the power that God promises to His children in Romans 8:11?

The same spirit and power that enabled Jesus to victoriously burst forth from the grip of death is living within us. Think about it. True believers possess life-giving, overcoming power. How incredible and exciting is this! We have the awesome opportunity to live victorious, joy-filled lives. And it begins with our thoughts and actions. 

Our thoughts are like seeds. Some turn into beautiful flowers and brighten others lives. Other thoughts become weeds of negativism and bitterness. Our hearts can be a greenhouse of weeds if we don’t stop the negative thoughts. As a man think it in his heart, so is he. We can create the beautiful life we’ve always wanted by loving the life we’ve currently been given.

Lord, begin with me. If I truly believe in resurrection power, may I exemplify that power in my own life. Help me to think, act and respond as a true Christ-follower, rather than responding like the unbelieving world around me. 

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family) 

  • Andrew Miller
    Posted at 20:47h, 16 April

    Thanks so much for the encouraging words. As I am out and about in the public on a daily basis from meetings to places where we get our supplies there is someone watching my actions especially when I get within 6 feet of of another person. I ask myself these words, how can I best Respect, Care, Comfort, in the midst of a storm where much fear and stress has gripped our society. The world is looking for the answer to calm the storm and the Christian has a great opportunity to help people find the answer, JESUS is the one that calms the storm of fear. ?

  • Elaine Reiff
    Posted at 07:32h, 19 April

    We are blessed where we live. We are trying to obey the authorities, as rules change from week to week. We are also trying to have the proper attitude toward these rules, since we don’t really believe everything we are being told. However, we have experienced only kindness as we go out and about doing our essential shopping once a week. People are staying 6 ft away mostly, and perhaps not as friendly. But we still have friendly chats, from farther away. Things are different but we have not experienced any kind of hate as we work at obeying the higher authorities.

  • Cindy
    Posted at 17:04h, 21 April

    Amen, Andrew. Thank you for sharing this. There is such a balanced approach in all of this, and we believe we need to be sensitive and respectful to others who don’t necessarily practice things the exact way we do. For instance, we have a neighbor lady who is extremely paranoid of anyone getting within about 15 feet of her and we’ve went out of our way to respect this. Yet, those who are accused of disrespect and accusation are feeling disrespected because others are demanding their respect. We need Jesus, His love and discernment.

  • Cindy
    Posted at 17:34h, 21 April

    That’s great, Elaine. We have experienced nothing but positive as well, and have had many opportunities to share the love of Jesus in a practical way. I believe what complicates this current situation is that there are mixed messages coming from governmental authorities. For instance, President Trump has indicated that he doesn’t think individuals should be forced to wear masks, churches to close, etc. but not everyone under him are heeding his counsel. Things may seem unstable and in a mess, but we thank God that He is still on the throne and in control. And He is always faithful!

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