We are home! Nov. 9, 2011
Thank You, God, for our safety in arriving back home! Up until about 3:00 today, we didn’t know if we would be able to make it back or not. When the mechanic was able to look at the engine this morning, it, (of course!) worked just fine and they couldn’t find a single thing wrong! Around 8:00 am we headed out for home. Wouldn’t you know…about 45 minutes down the road, the engine became very hot again and we had to stop to cool it off every few miles. It looked very discouraging! Duane ended up making so that the radiator fan runs constantly and that correction made all the difference. We drove the rest of the way with no problems at all. The strange thing is that the fan and part of the mechanisms that control the fan were all just replaced in the last few days because we had this problem on our last tour. These last two tours have been ones that we will never forget! We have had to wonder if there is spiritual warfare associated to all the difficulties we have experienced. We covet your prayers!
Cindy (for The Mullett family)
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