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This past week I’ve had one of the highlights of my life. Our two youngest daughters, Kyra and Chantaya were baptized on Sunday.

As I was teaching them in leading up to their baptism, I was affirmed and reminded of my own baptism. As I hear them sorting through the basic tenets of the Christian faith, I’m overjoyed to see and hear them embracing and trusting God with their lives. They are committed to serving Him. As their dad, I am a “faith planter” and have the privilege of daily planting seeds in their lives. I pray for both of them and their faith and pursuit of God each day. And for wisdom to be infused into their lives.

Charles Swindoll said “Wisdom comes privately from God as a by-product of right decisions, Godly reactions, and the application of spiritual principles to daily circumstances.”

It is a blessing for Cindy and I to walk with our daughters in their decisions, reactions and in understanding spiritual truths. We have been given precious opportunities for their faith to grow.

Last week, I had lunch with an ex-incarcerated brother in Christ. As we were sitting at the restaurant I witnessed an amazing thing happen. I recapped this visit in the clip below:

Our family is needing to sort through what steps to take as we move forward in our ministry focus. Please pray with us as we seek God’s face regarding some big decisions. Most of all, we want to hear from God and walk in obedience to Him. Please be intentional in your prayers on our behalf as we seek to hear His voice.

Because of Jesus,


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