Update from Duane


Hello from North Carolina.

We thank God for His protection over us during all the weather changes associated with hurricane Florence. Since we live in the northwestern part of the state, we didn’t face anything except rain. But please continue to pray for those along the coast who have been greatly affected by all the flooding and damages caused by this storm.


There are many families in eastern NC who are in need. Our pastor friend, Randy Barton, (from a church about two miles from our house) has one of the best disaster relief focus and mission that we’re aware of. Right now, any one-dollar donation is multiplied up to FIVE times when you give through them. If you would like to financially assist those who have been affected by this storm, we know this ministry personally, and highly recommend their relief focus. A very powerful aspect of their approach is that they work through local churches to distribute the goods, so “ the local church gets the credit and God receives the glory.” Here is link if you’d like to support in this way:



Our family has been enjoying these ten weeks at home. Cindy is currently working on some home projects as well as preparing some new materials for an upcoming women’s retreat, where she and Brianna will be sharing.


Our bus is still in the garage and getting the radiator repaired, as well as going to a body shop to get the repair work done from when we hit a deer last tour.


Brianna has been thoroughly enjoying her time of serving in Greece. Please continue to pray for protection, physical health, and much wisdom as she relates to many individuals at a time of desperate need in their lives. There are over thirty different languages represented at this refugee camp, so you can imagine how some of these cultures can collide while facing tough living challenges. We’re praying she can be the light of Jesus while she’s there.


Cindy and I are also doing a 40-day marriage focus, and we’re excited about what we’re learning during this time. Every strong marriage takes much work, and we desire for our ministry to be an overflow of what God is doing in our own hearts and lives.


Because of Jesus,


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