Update from Duane

Hello from our NC home.

Our time here is winding down as we begin gearing up for our next tour, which begins the middle of October. I have a list of bus repairs that still need to be completed, and there’s always the normal preparations to be done. It is usually a team effort.


Brianna just returned home after spending the month of September volunteering at a refuge camp in Greece. Her life has been forever changed after working closely with those who are paying high costs, fleeing to countries where they can experience safety and freedom.


Chantaya and Kyra have enjoyed their music lessons during this time at home, as well as continuing their school studies.


Alisha continues to make improvements with her health, and we thank God for the positive changes we’ve seen. It has been a slow process, but we are grateful for the improvements. Cindy and Alisha made the trip to Raleigh where she saw her transplant cardiologist today. We are rejoicing for another good report!


On Sunday, I returned home from the Gospel Express evangelistic prison event in Texas. Since Brianna was in Greece, our family wasn’t able to participate this year, but it was a true blessing and joy for me to participate again. Many of the inmates asked me where the family was and expressed their disappointment that we couldn’t all be there.


On an interesting note, Texas has the largest prison population of any state. In fact, there were two executions that took place while we were there. Evangelists, ministry teams, and volunteers are needed every year for this evangelistic weekend. If you are interested in joining next year, contact Mervin Wengerd at prison@gospelexpressonline.org.


Growing old within a prison setting is not a good experience. I shook hands with many men using the assistance of a cane or walker or in wheel chairs. On Saturday evening, an elderly man of around 80-years-old walked up to me. With tears in his eyes, he said, “My wife of fifty-six years had a stroke, and I really need to be home to take care of her. Can you please pray for me?“ After we prayed, there was renewed hope on his face. But it was hard for me to see him walking down the prison hall with the consequences of his wrong decision still hanging over him. Please pray for this man. And for so many hurting individuals he represents.


We ask that you continue to stand with us in prayer. Prayer pushes back the power of evil. Also pray that God will continue to work in our families lives, as well as in the lives of those we minister to.


Because of Jesus,


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