Update from Duane

Greetings to each of you as we are en-route from Virginia to our home. The last few days we faced an unexpected challenge, so we are currently loaded in a 15 passenger van, transporting all of our things from the bus we left in Virginia back to our house, and we have a driver along with us who will be returning the van to Virginia once we arrive. Let me explain the events of our past few days.


On Saturday evening, I noticed a loss of power in the bus as we traveled from Ephrata, PA, towards Catlett, VA. I thought we might have purchased some bad fuel and needed to change the fuel filter. After the service on Sunday, we traveled on towards Harrisonburg, VA. Later that evening, I again felt the loss of power, but it also began shifting hard several times. Just as we pulled off the exit the “hot” transmission light came on. We barely made it to a Walmart parking lot. I saw transmission oil coating the back of the bus and dripping off the transmission. We didn’t know what it was from, but we were definitely loosing fluid.


The next day, our “From Pain to Purpose” committee meeting began in the area at noon. I was able to have a mechanic come to look at the bus in the morning, and he concluded we needed to take it to the truck garage and get it hooked up to the diagnostic computer. We went into our meeting and, later that day, they told us that the output shaft was loose and wobbling. This was NOT what we wanted to hear. The mechanic indicated the closest truck garage that would be able to work on it was hundred miles south and the bus would need to be towed.


But–we thank God that today has been a day of miracles. Before we experience a miracle, we first need to encounter an impossibility. Although we certainly don’t wish for the impossibilities, we are so grateful and encouraged when we witness them. These are some of the miracles we experienced today:


I spoke with a local business man who owns a bus. He had a friend at one of the mechanic shops only 11 miles away (not 100 miles!) who said they would be willing to work on the bus next week.

An employee at Walmart made special effort to get boxes for us to load our things into. They aren’t allowed to give empty boxes away, but this employee even said she would pay for the new boxes herself.

Someone else donated a van for us to use to travel home. Then, on top of that, they even paid a driver to take us home and then bring their van back.

Someone else brought coolers for us to use for our fridge and freezer food.

We witnessed one miracle after another. Thank You, God!


Just a brief recap of this tour…We enjoyed being at the Gospel Express banquets and seeing many of you there.


The Anabaptist Sexual Abuse Symposium also had great input for us. The church needs to be better equipped in knowing how to relate with both the abused and the perpetrator, offering them a redemptive path forward.


Our “From Pain to Purpose” committee meeting was  a wonderful time gathering with these precious couples as we wrestled through vision and the best direction for our family. We are overjoyed by the privilege we have as a family to proclaim a message of hope in Jesus Christ and the redemptive message of believers.


Our heart’s are overflowing with thankfulness. Let’s make this week of Thanksgiving a focus that becomes a lifestyle of gratefulness. One that is not dependent on circumstances.


Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.



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  • Esther
    Posted at 18:59h, 21 November

    Wow you guys are doing God’s work. Yes he still makes miracles happen.

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