Update from Duane

Hello from North Carolina.

Our visit to Pennsylvania last week was full and purposeful. We were grateful to New Covenant Church who provided a place for us to park while in the area. We enjoyed the ministry planning and reporting meetings as well as connecting with many people in the Lancaster area.

Cindy and I visited several individuals who are facing hard things or end-of-life challenges. When we are faced with the reality of our mortality, it helps us to focus on what is truly important in life. If you have the opportunity to meet and encourage someone close to you who’s hurting–take the time to do it. 

It is always a huge blessing and encouragement to our family when we meet with the five couples who serve on our From Pain To Purpose committee. Their guidance and direction is critically important in  our ministry focus. I thank God for their wisdom and for the integrity of their lives. They are dear friends who mean a lot to us.

Left to right: Mahlon and Anna Stoltzfus (Colorado) Dwain and Jan Martin (Pennsylvania) Cindy and I, Michael and Rhoda Brubaker (Cleaveland, NC) Jim and Lois Zimmerman (Pennsylvania) Marvin and Janice Miller (Ohio)

One decision from our past meeting was to move forward with a ministry office. Until now, we have been doing office work from our house. We have a potential secretary who could begin working in mid-June, so we will need additional office space. I will be exploring office location options. We are trying to keep our cost to a minimum and may rearrange our unfinished basement and use a portion of it for an office for the time being. Pray with us for clear direction regarding this need!

In moving forward, we are excited about making our message of hope connect with more people’s lives, both in prisons and churches. God continues to open more doors for us, and we desire to follow His leading. 

Let’s remember to trust God for the mountains that are in front of us today. Some times He chooses to move our mountains, but at other times He gives us greater grace and enables us to see a broader perspective. 

Because of Jesus,


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