Update from Duane

This evening our family is enjoying being back at home again. We look forward with anticipation to each tour, yet we also greatly value our limited times at home.

Since we’ll be home less than three weeks, our time will likely be filled with scheduling for the upcoming tour, catching up on other ministry details, bus maintenance and cleaning, school work, and little else. However, we look forward to connecting with some of our “home folks” again. It will be a blessing to be at home for Easter Sunday this year.

We thank God for the nineteen-day tour which concluded last evening. It included fourteen services, seven different states, and many miles of safety. We had some minor repairs on the bus, but over all the mechanics are working great, and we continue being amazed at God’s provision. I believe the next several months will reveal any mechanical weaknesses as a result of the age of the bus.

There were a number of highlights on this tour, but one unusual event was at the Christian World View Film Festival in Nashville. We sang there on Thursday evening, and they had the awards on Saturday evening. There were about eight different categories of films. We entered two of our children’s DVD songs in the “Music Video” category. They announced our category, and the excitement was mounting as they came to the podium to announce the winner. We felt just a bit of sadness when they announced “The Bubble Song“ as runner up, because we realized it didn’t get first prize. We received the award and thanked everyone for their participation. As we were exiting the stage they announced,

“…and the first place winner is, “Thy Word“ by the Mullett family.”

We made our way right back to the stage. It was amazing, and our little girls were extremely excited! Of course, all of us were because of the hard work to make this project a reality. We thank God for His hand of blessing on the DVD. The applause of man is temporary while God’s blessing yields eternal results.

This award acknowledges a video which communicates the message clearly. IN addition to the quality of the camera work, and lighting, they look at the storyline and how it communicates the truths within the song.

We have just released the music video, “I Can Only Imagine” to watch on YouTube. It had over 20,000 views in the first four days. Thank you to everyone who shared it with your friends. We are excited to share this message of hope and eternity. We pray that God will continue to use it to glorify Him.

We will never forget what it cost us to have this message to share. The hours, days, and even years of intense, life-and-death struggles haven’t been easy for us, but we thank God for His sufficient grace. Investing our lives in others’ lives for eternity always gives our journey purpose.

We are looking forward to our next tour in April as we have special services where several “special guests” will be accompanying us. Damian Smucker is a thirteen-year-old cancer survivor who helped us on the title song the DVD, “My Lighthouse.” We know you will be blessed to meet him and his family. The Johnny Miller family (Johnson Bentley band) will also be joining us for three of these events. (See our schedule for details.) Their children were the “band” who helped play the instruments on the “Here, Kitty, Kitty” song. If you can join us in one of these services, we’d love to see you.

Because of Jesus,




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