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Hello from Tennessee!

Today I am writing from a truck garage in Knoxville, TN where we’re getting the generator exhaust repaired on the bus. This past tour was the very first tour with our bus, and it was amazing.

For most of the past thirty-two years, I have traveled and lived in a motorhome. The design and purpose motorhomes are built for is not how we’ve used them. Most people would use them 3-4 weeks out of a year, or a retired couple may live in them for a longer time. We had previously taken the dinette out of the motorhome and traded that table for bunkbeds for our daughters. We were very grateful for what we had, but this bus is now better designed for how we use it. There are more private bunks for the girls and a separate shower room which allows us to use the rest of the coach while someone is showering. We feel so undeserving and very grateful for the privilege to travel in a vehicle that is “fitted” for us, sharing a message of a God who is bigger than life’s tough circumstances.

Because of it being a 2001 model, there will likely be several things that will need to be repaired during these first six months as we begin using it.  (Like this exhaust that is rusted, etc.)  But we pray the repairs will be minimal.

Our school year is rapidly moving along. Yesterday, our nine-year old, Chantaya excitedly told me, “Daddy, we only have about fifty days of school left this year!” She then calculated, “that is ten weeks which is only about 2 1/2 months.” Cindy and the girls have been enjoying being able to focus on their studies in a more scheduled routine, during these two and a half weeks we’re home.

Every time we are reminded of how fast time is going, it is an affirmation to the fact that we are eternal beings and this life is such a small part of our existence.

Our next tour includes two 5-day “From Pain to Purpose” focuses. The one will be in Millersburg, OH, and the other one will be held in Sturgis, MI. Please pray for us as we minister in these communities.

There is one unusual opportunity we have on this next tour. We will be singing at the “Christian Worldview Film Festival.” Two of our songs from our children’s DVD project, “My Lighthouse,” was submitted in this film competition. It will be interesting to be a part of this and meet many others who are involved in filmmaking.

It has been very exciting to hear back from so many parents about the positive affect the “My Lighthouse” DVD is having on their children. I believe when children not only hear the song lyrics, but also visualize them in a storyline being illustrated, it will leave a life-long impression on them.

We will begin preparing to leave on tour the beginning of next week. It has been refreshing to be at home. We always love connecting with the “home folks” again. I’m keenly aware of my need for wisdom as we continue to make ministry related decisions. I greatly appreciate your prayers and realize the decisions that are made today will lay the foundation for opportunities tomorrow. I am also aware of the battle that Satan instigates to bring distraction, causing us to follow the “good things” rather than God’s best. Our family truly desires to follow God’s voice and His perfect plan.

Because of Jesus,




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  • Samuel
    Posted at 06:45h, 02 March

    Hi Thanks for the encouragement. Will the Ohio program be available on line? I an currently in Belize. God Bless SH

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