Update from Duane


Hello from Tulsa,  Oklahoma.

Our family has been greatly encouraged and grateful for the presence of God as we’ve traveled from state to state.


Our visit at Territorial Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado was a huge blessing as the men were transparent and honest. Chaplin Matt Overholt does an amazing job there with his prison ministry focus. He has cultivated an opportunity for the men to see God in a loving and caring way, while being respectful of God’s holiness.


As we began the three day prison ministry focus, the first young man who shared during our ministry time openly talked about a painful event when he was twelve years old. He and his sister were unexpectedly called home from school. His mother met them and shared that their father had just committed suicide by shooting himself. He shared how his life spiraled out of control the next eight years, which eventually led him to prison. Nearly all of the men and women in prison have traumatic stories which opened the door for Satan to attempt to destroy them through these painful events.


The men eagerly discussed the truths that were shared in this seminar and seemed hungry to begin applying them in their own lives. We pray these truths will take root and make life-changing differences in their lives. Continue to pray for the chaplains, volunteers, and offenders with the continuing ministry that’s happening in these CO prisons.


God has been blessing our family with health, strength and safety on this tour, and we thank Him for it. We count it a blessing to minister to many people in this way.


Brianna is busy making plans to spend the month of September in Greece. She will be working with refugees coming into Greece. These are mostly Muslim people fleeing from Muslim countries. We are pursuing her travel plans and learning about what all she will be doing there. Brianna’s excited she will have this new ministry opportunity during the month we have at home.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family. God bless you richly today.


Because of Jesus,




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