Update from Duane

Happy new year greeting to each of you! 

We are excited about a fresh new beginning in 2020, and to discover what all lies ahead of us. Our excitement is not because of our ability or strength, but is rooted in what God will do as we wait on Him. We have anticipation because we are convinced that God is greater, able, and will do more than we could ask or think. Our focus is on being still, hearing God’s voice and then walking in obedience to Him. 

In reflecting on 2019, we had made many plans and attempted to carry out those plans. Yet, we watched as God rearranged and did a greater work within our hearts when things didn’t work out as we’d anticipated. As we look into 2020, one thing our family is confident in is that God will give us opportunities to draw closer to Him, but our responses will determine whether we will be drawn closer to God or push Him away.

On a personal note, we are beginning to experience something we haven’t experienced in a very long time. We’ve felt the shift that occurs after being at home for several consecutive months, and we are incredibly grateful to God for providing financially so we can have this extended time of rest and renewal. Even though I am continuing the behind-the-scenes work of our ministry focus and projects, there is much more routine than we usually experience. Our family was in need of stepping back and seeking God’s face for a renewed ministry focus, and we look forward to having more time to reevaluate and refocus for a greater ministry impact in 2020. 

Cindy has been enjoying tackling projects that simply don’t happen when we are in and out of our home so frequently. Organizing and decluttering has been high on her radar. She also continues to spend a lot of time answering emails, personal messages, and walking with people in many different kinds of struggles. Because of many online ministry contacts, it is hard for us to reach out to those locally as we’d like to, but she is hoping to do more of that in the next few months.  

We are seeing gradual, positive health changes in Alisha and are so thankful for that. There is a song that has ministered deeply to her these past few months and her and Brianna are planning to record this song in the next few months, and we trust it will be a blessing to those who are finding themselves in the midst of a faith struggle.

On the office front, our secretary, Kristen, Brianna, and I are working on a strategic organizational program to help us be as effective with our time as possible. It will take time to learn and implement this system, but we believe it will be very helpful for us in planning projects and organizing our time wisely. 

We feel unworthy of the ways God has been blessing and making a way for us. So many of you have been showing incredible love and support to us and we can’t thank you enough. We had many questions and practical concerns about not traveling for several months like this, but God continues to show us that we did indeed hear from Him and this was His plan. It has been a tremendous blessing to our family to have time to strengthen our family and marriage relationships. It has brought such joy to our hearts to see God knitting us closer together. We believe the greatest impact and extent of ministry can only happen as an overflow of what God is doing personally in our own hearts and relationships. 

Thank you for your prayer support. Many of you share you pray for our family on a daily basis and that is truly the greatest thing you could ever do for us. 

Because of Jesus,


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