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Transition. All of life is a transition. During a sunrise, we’re transitioning from night to day.  At sunset, we transition from day to night. We transition from home to work and then back again. We recently transitioned from December to January and also from 2017 to 2018. We transition from being a child to a teenager and then to parents and grandparents. We also exchange time for money, money for food, food for energy  and then energy for work. Exchange and transition is a daily part of our lives.

As I look into 2018, I’m excited about the transitions that are before us.  Yet, throughout this year, I know I may be exchanging some good circumstances for some difficult ones. But what gives me confidence is that the God I serve is in control of all things. He is sovereign, powerful, and He is good!

We received our new bus last week. It is a 2001 Prevost bus, (so it is actually sixteen years old) but it is new to us and the interior has been newly renovated. I had several hours of orientation concerning how this vehicle works. Since I’ve lived in these types of vehicles for most of my life, I have a fairly good, basic understanding. However, this bus is much more complex than our previous vehicles. It will take me quite some time to become accustomed to it. The transition out of the motorhome brought some sadness for our little girls, but they are again excited as we transition into the bus. Here’s a video of when the bus arrived, and we saw it completed for the first time:


We are grateful, yet feel undeserving of this type of accommodation for our travels. It presses on my spirit the urgency to communicate our message of hope to those who are ready to “throw in the towel” and desert their faith in God.

Our first tour begins next week. We are planning to travel to Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. We will be sharing at a church in Georgia for five days then travel on to South Carolina for the Gospel Express Prison Crusade. After that, our family is excited about participating on the Sail and Sing cruise. If anyone would still like to join us on the cruise, I believe there are still a few openings. You can find more information here. Besides singing, Cindy and I will also be sharing two teaching sessions. We’re looking forward to connecting with the approximately 700 other believers in our group.

Let purpose to transition well in 2018, knowing that our God is sovereign and He has our best interest in mind.

Because of Jesus,




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