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Have you recently thought about how many broken, crushed, and ruined lives are in our world today? At times, it can be truly overwhelming. But think about it–this is the very reason why Jesus came and died. Mankind chose to sin, bringing pain and ugliness into our lives. BUT GOD desires and offers to restore and redeem.

Last week, our family assisted with the Gospel Express prison crusade in South Carolina. What a blessing it was to have over four hundred volunteers enter every SC state prison and work camp to share Jesus. During each service, the looks on their faces seemed to be asking the question of…“What hope can you offer me?”  Their stories are indescribable and tragic as the dysfunction and wrong choices are uncovered.

One eighty-four-year-old inmate shared a personal testimony about trusting God with his up-coming parole date. It was heartbreaking to see a grandpa who is serving time, but he brokenly declared,  “If God knows I will fall back into my former lifestyle of sin if I am paroled, I would rather serve God in prison and go to heaven when I die.”  

The most beautiful lives I know are people who, whether successful or broken, have chosen a God-centered life. This means having a day by day God-consciousness rather than a self-centered philosophy in life. Please pray for these men and women of faith within the South Carolina prisons.

Our family is currently singing and sharing on a Caribbean cruise.  We are blessed and grateful to be able to share a message of hope to others in such a variety of settings. God’s truths are relevant for each individual, regardless of their circumstance. We feel it’s just as amazing to share with the men and women in prison as it is to those on a cruise ship. God wants to set each of us free spiritually. But often times, those in prison recognize their need for deliverance when those within the church may not.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family. We are gratefully blessed.

Because of Jesus,




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