Update from Duane


Hello from our home in sunny, but c-o-l-d North Carolina.


You should be hearing the excitement as we anticipate snow for the weekend! We have the possibility receiving up to TWELVE inches, and the thought of being “snowed in” is exciting for especially the younger ones in our family. We’re getting groceries and planning on staying home as long as necessary. We do have a generator at our house this year, in case of a power outage.


We have unpacked and are settled back into “home life” again after our last tour. Our family experiences two distinct and different lifestyles. In our traveling schedule, we interact with many people, having multiple nights of ministry and a very full schedule. School on the road is more flexible, and our days are usually filled with many meetings and ministry deadlines. We still have many daytime responsibilities when we’re home, but the pressure of a full schedule is not as intense.


I am still finalizing the details of the bus transmission replacement. I had multiple options to sift through in getting the best equipment for the lowest cost. This will be a major expense that we were not anticipating. I hope to have more specific repair details soon.


We are continuing to interact with hurting individuals here at home (whether through emails, letters, or phone calls) as well as planning for future tours. In today’s broken world, the enemy is continuing to look for ways to steal, kill and destroy. The battle is real. Please pray for us as we interact in leading and guiding people to find purpose in their pain. We daily ask God for enough light for our next step. Thank God for His faithfulness!


I’ve included several inmate responses from our “mailbag”. They are men from prison who’ve read our “Big Mountain Bigger God” book. We praise God for how He is using it to impact their lives.


May God bless you richly.


Because of Jesus,



From the mailbag:

“How do I start this message? I’m not a Christian or any other true faith. Someone called me a Satanist…I’ve done many things in my life and don’t think of myself as a good man…Here I sit in my cell praying to find the faith and love you found. I just turned 23 years old and if I could I had one wish it would be to help you continue to find your strength and love in Jesus…I’ve been brought up Muslim in this cruel world. Your book opened my heart and made me feel something again. I myself wondered if God was real when I was younger and was abused in every way known to man, but you help me believe again, even if it was just for a mere second.”
-Deen (florida inmate)

“Dear Mullett Family,

My name is Melvin and I’m so happy that I read your book because I felt it in my heart and I got very sad and had tears going down my face. I’m very sorry for what your family had to go through I’m going to share a little bit about my life that I never told anyone before. I was keeping it to myself for over 30 years…” (He then shared several personal experiences)
-Melvin (massachusetts inmate)




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  • robert h gochenaur
    Posted at 22:47h, 06 December

    Are you ever allowed to give out names so we could send Christmas cards?

  • Esther S. Zeiset
    Posted at 06:41h, 07 December

    Thank you Alisha, for sharing. Sometimes life gets hard but God never asks us to do more than He will give us strength for. You are one of God’s sweet blessings. Time on earth is short. We will soon ALL be going HOME! Cherish memories like this. They help when you can’t do as much anymore. I’m so thankful for some good memories.
    We were so glad we could share that time ar Shady Maple. We are back in Ga. Sorry for your bus problems, but glad you got home safely. Wish we were loaded with money to help, but God never seemed to choose that route for us but we do pray for you and wish for you a blessed Christmas!

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