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Hello friends.

Our family is happy to be safely back at home again. In thinking back over the past tour, we are so grateful for the miles of safety God blessed us with. We also thank Him for the opportunity we had to stand in front of many people in a variety of audiences, declaring that our God is good and He has an eternal purpose for their lives.


We traveled over 5,500 miles in 15 states, including Manitoba, Canada. In Minnesota, we hit a deer which totally destroyed our right side head light and bumper! We did the rest of the tour with only one headlight, but since we are at home now, I will be getting an estimate of that repair. Our alternator also began over-charging our engine battery while we were in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was able to disconnect it and use an electric battery charger to get us back home. I have it scheduled to be repaired next week. A big thank you goes to Larry Kennell for finding a vehicle for us to use while the bus was not drivable.


The highlight of this tour for me was when individuals made the message personal in their lives. As I gave opportunity for individuals to identify places in their hearts where there was pain and disfunction, they chose to publicly ask for prayer, and ministry happened. It was powerful when they chose to replace the lies Satan wanted them to believe with the truths from God’s word.


This week, Mervin Wengerd and I visited seven Florida state prisons, making plans for the Nov. 28-Dec. 2 prison crusade. The verse in Proverbs 21:1 that says, “the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord” kept running through my mind as we sat in front of these prison wardens. We presented the dates, times and activities to them. They heard our requests and, from a security perspective, (which includes shift change, count time, etc.) told us what we needed to change. There were several times in our meetings when their suggestions indicated something they could do to give us more time, or find a better way to connect with the inmate population. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer during these Nov. 28-Dec. 2 Florida dates, please call Merving Wengerd at 828-859-7003. Or email him at: prison@gospelexpressonline.org.


This week is our first week of school for Chantaya and Kyra. Both of them were excited to get back to school, but we just hope the enthusiasm will last. =) It’s hard to believe Chantaya is already in 5th grade and Kyra in 3rd. Pray for our family and especially for Cindy as we adjustment to getting back into the school schedule. I know this excitement can diminish quite rapidly as they face more challenging days ahead.


We are rejoicing at God’s direction and the power of the Holy Spirit which was convicting and speaking to many hearts these past few weeks. God is good! He is faithful. And we are blessed. Let’s stand together in prayer.


Because of Jesus,




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