August-September 2012 Tour Schedule


August 29: Shores Baptist Church- 7:00 PM (Goodsprings, TN)

August 30: Waldron High School- 6:30 PM (Waldron, AR)

August 31: Mennonite Evangelical Church- 7:30 PM (Honey Grove, TX)

September 1: Living Water Christian Fellowship- 6:30 PM (Lott, TX)

September 2: Living Water Christian Fellowship- A.M. (Lott, TX)

September 2: Cleburne Christian Fellowship- 7:00 PM (Cleburne, TX)

September 5: Pilgrim Nazarene Church- 7:00 PM (Sherman, TX)

September 7: Calvary Mennonite Church- 7:00 PM (Prague or Boley, OK)

September 9: Zion Amish Mennonite- 10:45 AM (Thomas, OK)

September 9: Herold Mennonite Church- 6:00 PM (Cordell, OK)

September 16: Zion Mennonite Church- 7:00 PM (Adair, OK)

September 18: United Bethel-7:30 PM (Plain City, OH)

September 19: Maple Glen Mennonite Church- 7:00 PM (Grantsville, MD)

September 23: Honey Brook Community Church- 10:30 AM (Honey Brook, PA)

September 23: Blue Ball Church of the Brethren- 7:00 PM (Blue Ball, PA)

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