THM Cream Filled Donuts (Crossover)
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Who doesn’t like light and fluffy cream filled donuts?! Well…These really are just that! This donut recipe will be released in my new cookbook, but I couldn’t wait to share it with you, especially with the holidays coming up!

Warm, yeast donuts are some of my favorite treats, but sugar-filled ones always make me sick. Although the cream in these donuts makes these a crossover, they are perfect for special occasions. I often make glazed ones as well.

These donuts are made with a sour dough starter, but do not taste sour at all–thanks to the baking soda.


*Prep Notes: This is the amount of flour I use, but if your starter is runny, you may have to use a bit more. It’s important to remove refrigerated starter the day before and feed it 3 times (at room temperature) and then again 4 hours before you use it. This will make sure your starter is active and at its peak, with less of a sour taste.


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