The Shaking: Finding Purpose In A World of Uncertainty

Have you felt the tremors?

Are you currently experiencing a full blown “earthquake” in your life? Does it seem as if you’re losing your footage and are stumbling and searching for steady ground? Has your security been shaken? Are you struggling with finding your identity? Are you tempted to lose faith in humanity?

Maybe you feel disillusioned or unable to trust governmental leaders.

Maybe those from within the medical community have disappointed you or exposed an agenda contrary to what you’ve expected. You are realizing just how much you’ve taken the protection from our “men in blue” for granted. Maybe you’re trying to find yourself after a major transitional move in life.

Shocks of relational struggles are also becoming way too common. Confidence in church leaders or fellow members may have been lost. Many family and marriage relationships are going through tough times.

Relational “quakes” have hit higher numbers on the Richter scale than ever before.

Think about it…What is one area of your life that has NOT recently been shaken? Many families have been affected by financial losses. Although fear has been our greatest enemy, health struggles and the loss of health from a loved one has added stress and tension. If you’ve previously found some of your identity in sports, that may also be changing for you.

Let’s reflect on the areas of life where people have the potential of placing their security.









Now, which of these cannot be cruelly snatched from you within a heartbeat? In a moment’s notice, most of these can be shaken and simply crumble into shattered remnants of our lives.

My friend, we can rejoice as we see all the shaking going on in our world. This shaking is GOOD. Vital. And, oh so beneficial.

Even though we don’t like the thoughts of devastating earthquakes, did you know they can actually be beneficial? Earthquakes reveal what’s buried deeply and the true condition of the soil. The core of what is going on underground is revealed after the shaking.

We may be alarmed at what all has been exposed in our world. The hate, crimes and rioting, twisted lies and evil intent toward each other has been disheartening, to say the least. Yet, I strongly believe all this shaking is for a purpose. It is better for evil to be revealed than for it to run rampantly in the darkness. The power of sin is indeed in it’s secrecy. It must be uncovered and dealt with.

But let’s make this a bit more personal. What has this shaking revealed in MY own heart and life? What have been the things I have placed my security in? What darkness has been lurking in some corners of my heart that must be brought to light? Are there areas God has exposed in your heart as well? Have we joined the ranks of condemning, judgmental “Christians” who act nothing like Christ?

Any insecurity or unrest you and I currently feel is truly for our good. Why? Because the strongest faith than cannot become shaken, is one that already has been. But has persevered.

My friend, if we build our lives on any foundation except for Jesus Christ, we are attempting to build on shaking, sifting ground. All these other “good things” cannot, and will not, sustain us. They will never last. We can lose everything we have in a heartbeat, and if we’ve built our lives around these temporary things, our security can be ripped away forever.

When a shaking doesn’t reveal Jesus Christ as our core, it is God’s mercy that awakens us.

We can find purpose in these shakings if it more clearly exposes the health and stability of our foundation. If we build our life around Jesus Christ, our foundation and security will never be lost. All these other things will simply be added blessings.

These times of unrest has revealed impurities and insecure foundations in my life. I am grateful to God for allowing me to see them in a way I was unable to before.

They have also revealed that I’m parched. I’m dry and thirsty for more. So. Much. More. I’m not thirsty for more possessions, greater fame, more romance, better experiences or even greater security. I’ve discovered long ago that drinking from these basins always leaves me yearning for more. It’s as if they contain salt and leave me quenched and only more thirsty. I’m never satisfied.

These shakings have helped me to more fully understand what my heart longs for….


I long for a greater hunger and thirst for righteousness. For me. My family. For our world. That is what I am thirsty for.

Greater love for each other. Clean slate and fresh beginnings. The beauty of having a clear conscience. I long for less violence, evil and compassion. Less judgment and more understanding.

I desire to see streams bursting forth from the dry and barren deserts around me. For these shakings to overturn the soil and for impurities to be removed.

I am finding purpose during this time. Are you? Are you allowing God to expose the cracks in your foundation? Is He allowing your world to turn upside down because of His mercy? Are you willing to begin rebuilding your life on the only foundation that is secure? Your buildings may have crumbled, but it is a beautiful time for restructuring and rebuilding, and I know a Master Builder who is eagerly waiting to help.

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family)

  • Marlene Rutt
    Posted at 16:42h, 25 November

    Thank you for these encouraging words. I too trust that God has plan & purpose in these difficult days. I find on the days I do not engage in any media news, I am much more calm and at peace. I guess it’s no surprise because this world is not our home and so we need not fear.So thankful for Gods love & mercy for each day! Your family is in our prayers.

  • Amy
    Posted at 17:12h, 29 December

    Cindy and the entire Mullett family,

    THANK YOU so very much for these encouragements.

    The darkness of this time feels tremendous. The Satanic masking ‘ritual’ has made people fearful to even make eye contact, let alone communicate the way the Lord intended for us to.

    The untested, untrialed mRNA vaccine made with aborted fetal cells is being pushed as a ‘requirement’ and may be linked to the Mark of the Beast as it is already being suggested that those who decline it will be unable to buy, sell, or travel.

    I have tried tuning into the online church services in my area (as the churches are essentially closed still or severely restricted) only to see people with depressed eyes and hidden faces singing with muffled voices and playing instruments with faces downcast behind black masks.

    It is very frightening to see even supposed Christian churches staying closed, pushing and enforcing the ritualistic masks (which clearly state in writing on the boxes that they DO NOT protect against any type of virus!) and staying closed, refusing charity to many.

    We all know that we ARE in the Last Days since our Lord Jesus ascended into heaven.

    The Antichrist spirit is gaining in power, wickedness and darkness.

    I have not studied the concept of the Rapture but I am hopeful that it will happen to spare followers of Christ Jesus before the Tribulation, which I feel on a spiritual level is coming quite soon.

    Your newsletters, videos, blogs, along with those of Sounds Like Reign are some of the only bright and encouraging spots I can see lately.

    Thank you for your continued testimony and shining the Light of Christ Jesus in this age of spiritual darkness.

    May the Lord richly bless you in all ways and encourage you and lift you up and bless your finances, ministries, music, family, friends, and faith community!

    Thank you again for your beautiful ministry, music, encouragement, and standing strong in faith as your Testimony blesses so many!

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