The Great Weaver of Our Lives

“I will give you the treasures of darkness.” (Isaiah 45:3) As I reflect on this verse, I am challenged with the significance of what this means. Does this truly imply that we can find “treasures” in the toughest and most heart breaking times in our lives?

I have read that the famous lace shops in Brussels have special rooms where some of the world’s finest and most delicate lace is spun. These rooms are kept completely dark except for a small amount of light that comes in through a window and falls upon the weaving loom. The exquisite lace is always more beautifully and delicately woven when the weaver is completely in the dark, with only his work in the light.

I believe that this can be a reflection of why God allows suffering to come into our lives. It can seem so hard because we don’t see the web that we are weaving and so we don’t understand what is happening. But it is during times like this when completely trusting our heavenly Father is so very crucial. If we remain faithful and become even more grounded in our walk of  faith, I believe that we will someday see that the most exquisite and beautiful work in our lives was done during those days when we were in our darkest night. The great “Weaver” of our lives desires to bring beauty and goodness from our pain and tears.

The shuttles of His purpose move

To carry out His own design;

Seek not too soon to disapprove

His work,nor yet assign

Dark motives, when, with silent tread,

You view some somber fold;

For lo, within each darker thread

There twines a thread of gold.


Spin cheerfully,

Not tearfully,

He knows the way you plod;

Spin carefully,

Spin prayerfully,

But leave the thread with God. (Canadian Home Journal)


Trusting in Him,

Cindy (for The Mullett Family)


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