Special Kids Contest!

Kids' Contest


We received a cute video of a 1-year-old singing, “Call the Wambulance”, a kid’s song on our latest recording. When this recording was sent to us, that gave us an idea. So attention, parents! So many of you have given us feedback about how much your kids love this song, and how they play it over and over…and over. (We’re sorry! :D) We thought it would be fun to see YOUR video of your kids singing the “Wambulance” song, so we decided to launch a contest!


Here’s the deal, you have from now until November 15 to send in your home video. (Feel free to let your kids be creative!) Then we will post all the videos here on our page, and whoever’s video gets the most likes, comments, and shares, (within a certain period of time) wins the contest! The prize? A $30 Walmart gift card.


This contest is for all kids ages 1-12. You can send your video to us via a Facebook message, or email, or if the file is too large for those options, we can do dropbox as well. Please keep the videos under four minutes long. We’d love to see a video of your kiddos! Help us spread the word.

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