September 23, 2011

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the state of Virginia. We are currently in the Harrisonburg area for the weekend and are looking forward to the ministry opportunities we have here. We have already experienced some wonderful hospitality in the few hours since our arrival.

I have been working on our new book the last week and it has kept us extremely busy in accomplishing everything we needed to focus on. Brianna and Alisha have been diligently working on their school work as well as being my babysitters and assisting with domestic responsibilities. They are a big blessing to us!

Yesterday was Chantaya’s third birthday and she was all excited about our little birthday party we had with family. She is growing up so quickly! I love this stage with our two little girls and would not mind keeping them at these ages for a few more years. =)  The little girls love to help us sing and are always very eager to join us on the stage for their songs.

We appreciate your continued prayers as we focus on the completion and final details of Winner Either Way. We are excited about the messages contained in the book and are praying for God’s anointing to be upon it.  We are currently still on track for the November printing if the financial needs come together in time. I never realized the time or cost involved with big projects like these.

Some of the topics contained in Winner Either Way are: being desperate for “Daddy” (God), living within the boundaries you are facing, the importance of having a clear conscience, is God good? the measure of a man, your identity in Christ and more. These are all issues that our family has wrestled with or ways that we have been challenged.

We are going to start taking orders soon for Winner Either Way. Hopefully, by next week, we will have it set up to take orders through our website using paypal. These prepaid orders will greatly assist us in paying for the cost of the printing. The suggested donation for this hard cover copy will be $15 and shipping will be $2-$3 per book. These orders will be the ones that will be filled and mailed in the first few days after we receive them. This will also assist us in knowing the quantity of how many we want to print so pre-orders are greatly appreciated! It also makes it a lot easier for us to be able to have plenty of time to address the mailers, etc. before the books arrive.

God bless each of you!

Cindy (for the Mullett family)

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