Recapturing Austin’s Final Days 10/29/11

Austin passed away on Sunday, October 31st of last year. Even though the 31st is on Monday this year, in many ways today seems like that final Saturday that we had with our precious son….

Austin still was not feeling well, but had only a low-grade fever and wasn’t out of his bed much except to use the restroom. He was able to eat some food, although he didn’t feel very hungry. He was drinking a lot of water and juice. Duane spent much time praying over Austin and asking God for physical healing for him. Austin complained about pain in his back, but the strange thing was that the pain moved from lower back, to center, to up in his shoulders. We aren’t sure what caused this, but Austin liked it when I rubbed his back for him. We were watching him closely  so he wouldn’t become dehydrated and he was drinking something every hour. Later on in the evening, Austin came out of his bunk and sat on the recliner in the motor home for a while. We thought it seemed like he was starting to feel a bit better. It wasn’t until later this evening when Austin started with some diahrrea, then also started vomiting. We thought it seemed like his body was now going to be able to get rid of this viral “bug”.

We talked about taking Austin into the hospital, but decided to see what things would be like in the morning, since he was able to sleep comfortably and we were watching his fluid intake.  (You have to understand how painful this is even now to talk about because we have struggled so much with the thoughts of… WHY did we not take him to the hospital on Friday night??) Because we have spent so much time in hospitals over the years, we realize that healing usually happens much faster when a person is able to be at home but we have also been grateful that hospitals are available when you really need them. We don’t know why Duane and I both felt comfortable to see how Austin was feeling by the next morning. We both had peace about the decision but I guess this has been one of the most painful things that we have had to process. We keep coming back to the fact that God we know that it was God’s timing and we are so grateful that we were all together and surrounded by friends and people who cared for us.

Brianna and Alisha spent the night in the motorhome of their friend, Lori, who was also there at the Hartwell Center. God had that arranged as well. We were so grateful that they weren’t in the motorhome when the Ambulance arrived…….


We appreciate your prayers tomorrow morning as we will be sharing and singing at Foothills Community Chapel in Tryon NC. We want to turn what the enemy wants to use for evil, into something that will minister to others and advance the kingdom of God.



  • Stella M Kauffman
    Posted at 23:14h, 29 October

    Dear Family of Austin,
    I don’t have children, so can only imagine the joy each child brings to a family. And also can only imagine the loss of one that was so much a part of your family, your world for that short 16+ years. The empty space that is in your hearts, your family. I have lost parents and a sibling so have felt grief and know that thoughts that are especially in one’s heart on this one year anniversary. My love and prayers go out to you over this time. And I am so glad you are using your experiences to bless the Lord and reach out to so many others who are hurting. God Bless you all with grace and joy in the knowing that you will all be together again.

  • Patti Scarbrough
    Posted at 00:00h, 30 October

    Dear Mulletts, You may not remember me, but I am a lady from Alaska who signed your guestbook a few times during Austin’s illness. You may never know how much space your residency has taken inside my heart. You are in my thoughts and prayers very often. I pray today for a happening in your lives to settle your hearts once and for all. You had peace with your final decisions in young Austin’s earthly life. As people who look to Our Dear and Mighty Lord for answers in your lives, I pray you will accept His Peace completely regarding those decisions. I believe He stood close to you and whispered into your ears, you followed His instructions and Peace followed. Do not allow the enemy to steal one morsel of His Peace. My eldest brother died at age nine. I was three and his illness and death are my first memories. I have watched the enemy steal my parent’s peace for 54 years. It is heartbreaking. As painful as it can be, God’s timing is perfect. You are beautiful parents and did all in Austin’s best interest with The Lord’s guidance. Your pain of loss will stay. But, never doubt a decision that you sought The Lord in making, that when made, gave you peace.. Jesus was with you then and He is with you now. I pray you peace. Always.
    The Lord bless thee,
    And keep thee:
    The Lord make His face
    Shine upon thee;
    And be gracious unto thee;
    The Lord lift up
    His countenance upon thee,
    And give thee peace. Numbers 6:24-26
    Love and Blessings, Patti

  • Leah King
    Posted at 00:46h, 30 October

    Praying for you all,even though you do not know me personally you have been on our heart many times, Praying for you this wkend.

  • Krissy Wilkins
    Posted at 00:58h, 30 October

    Oh Cindy, I am amazed and thankful you are remembering those days from last year. I guess because in the difficult time I see the glory of God in your perspective. You guys were a family who stood out to me when we stayed at Egleston because of how devoted you were to your teen. Sometimes it seemed rare to find a family surrounding a child, even as bizarre as that seems! But Duane staying with Austin was so special to me; I was thankful to see another dad love his son in such a devoted way. And then since then to hear your music, see your heart in your blog, and catch small glimpses of where you are storing up your treasure as you labor to shine the light of the gospel to forgotten people, dark places, hurting souls. What strength it gives me to continue walking this road, tears and all. What opportunities I have to enter into the pain of others…I never would have chosen this for us, and yet I embrace the tender love of our Lord so much more than ever. Praying as you sing and express the love of Christ to your family and beyond.

  • Lillian Bender
    Posted at 01:15h, 30 October

    Go in God’s strength and may peace surround you on all sides.

  • Elaine Yoder
    Posted at 02:09h, 30 October

    Thank you for sharing your precious story of Austin’s final hours here on this side. May the God of all comfort surround you during these days of remembering. Prayers for your sharing time tomorrow.

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