I'm a Winner Either Way

I'm a Winner Either Way



They would say that life ended for me that Sunday night in October when I drew my final breath. I would say that they are mistaken. What they see as an ending, I see as a whole new beginning. No matter how you look at it, I am a winner either way.

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You see, I believe in life after death. Why? Because I’m living it right now. I also believe in heaven. Why? Because it is now my place of residence. For all who have trusted in Christ, death is not an ending, but merely a doorway into a higher dimension of life. I can still remember that dreary November day when my family and friends gathered together to say their final goodbyes to me. The physical body they consigned to the ground was only an empty shell because I was already gone, set free from a body of limitations; of pain, affliction, and weakness; and liberated into a new life free of suffering and filled with unlimited possibilities.

Although my earthly life was short-just shy of 17 years-my lifelong passion was to help people grow in their relationship with God; people like you. With the help of family and friends, who have produced this book, I am able, although no longer on earth, to continue pursuing my passion. The chapters that follow are simply my thoughts and reflections on different things that I want to share with you. This is my way of continuing to fulfill my dream: to help people like you fully realize the strength and power you can have when you trust in the Lord. Take it from me: Life is full of struggles, life is full of pain. There’s the good and there’s the bad. But I can assure you that “joy all the time” is possible. The secret is discovering the “winner” inside. No matter what life dishes out, you can be a winner either way!


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