October 26, 2011

Home sweet home!  (We also have a little plague in our motorhome that says…”motorhome, sweet motorhome”.)

We thank God for the 2,900 miles of safety that He granted us on our last tour.  We consider it a privilege to be able to share His message to so many people. We saw many tears and heard many stories of heartache and loss. I marvel at the way, however, that God uses broken people and situations and makes beauty out of the “ashes”.

On my last blog, I talked about some of the tragedies that many people have experienced. We have seen situations so many times where some “eternal good” has come out of a “devastation”. Even the death of a loved one is not a tragedy when people are brought to the Lord through it and when it puts a greater desire for Heaven in the lives of those left behind. I believe Jesus’ return is just around the corner. If only one more person gives their heart and life to Jesus because of Austin’s passing…in light of eternity..it has been worth all the tears we are shedding and the pain we are experiencing. Yes..It still hurts to say this.. BUT  I know when we are all in each others embrace in Heaven and then take our first look into the eyes of Jesus, we will say…It was worth it all!

We appreciate your prayers as we have a very busy week ahead of us. The “I’m A Winner Either Way” books are scheduled to be delivered to us on Friday. We are preparing the orders and then we will be sharing at a local church on Sunday and then leaving for our Ohio banquet tour on Tuesday of next week.


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