October 14, 2011


We are currently on a 2 and a half week tour to the mid-west. To see if we will be in your area, view our schedule under the “Tours” category.

We are excited that our new book, “I’m A Winner Either Way” is now being printed. Our publisher is trying to have it back to us by the end of October. Since the 31st is the 1 year date of Austin’s “home-going”, it would be great to have it by then. It has been healing for us to honor Austin’s life through this project. We believe that his life (and passing) will continue to bring glory to God. It has been amazing how many people are hurting and going through many, many tragedies and difficulties in their lives. Our goal is to bring them hope, turn hearts to the Lord and give them practical tools for using these difficulties to make them stronger and better equipped for ministry to come out of their “devastation.”

What really is a tragedy or a devastation? Is it when a loved one is taken from us? Is it when a spouse is unfaithful in his/her marriage? Or is it when a child is molested and physically abused and is in this horrible environment for many years? Or maybe it is (like one woman shared with me recently) when her 3 year old is kidnapped and 15 years later she still doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead or if he is daily being abused and mistreated?  What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave comments. We would enjoy hearing from you.  (I will discuss this again on my next post.)

On a more personal note…A few mornings ago Chantaya woke up early and sat up in her bed. I heard her say, “Austin! Austin! I want Austin! I went to her and said, “Oh Chantaya! Remember, Austin isn’t here. He is in Heaven with Jesus. It’s ok. Lay down and go back to sleep.” She did go back to sleep and later on when I asked her why she was calling Austin, she said, “Cuz Austin was giving me a big hug. I want him!”  Needless to say…It made me cry! I told her that I think Austin was looking down from heaven at her and asked God if he could give her a hug. It’s because Austin always loved her so much. Oh, how I would give anything to have just one more hug from this young man!

Parents, love your children and do everything you can to have the kind of relationship with them where they WANT to hug you and be with you. Even though I have regrets about the things that I wish I would have handled differently, I will forever be grateful to God that I had the kind of relationship with Austin where he hugged me every day!

Please pray for us as we continue on this 2 week tour. We will be traveling many miles.

Cindy (for the Mullett family)

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