November 9, 2011

What an eventful day! We had to check out of our room at 2:00 pm and then “hung out” in the main lounge area until the motorhome was done at around 3:30. By then, both little girls were more than ready for naps. We cheered when we loaded our things back into our “home” but the cheers didn’t last long! When we started driving, we discovered that none of the dash signals worked and when we stopped we couldn’t get it back into gear again. SO..back to the garage! The poor mechanic had come into the garage an hour early this morning and worked through his lunch break to get us on the road again. After we came back, he got  to stay late and also replace the two engine batteries while he was outside in the pouring rain!

We appreciate your prayers right now! It is 8:00 pm and we just now “hit the road” again. We drove only for a few minutes but now the engine is hot and the “low water” light came on. We had to pull off beside the interstate again! We were able to travel all of 6 minutes from the garage and now we are just trying to slowly make our way back to the garage again. We can only go about one mile until we have to pull off because of how hot the engine. Lord, we need Your wisdom!

Cindy (for The Mullett Family)

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