Lonely People and Lighthouses

Have you ever looked into someone’s face and seen despair and darkness reflecting in their eyes? When was the last time that you brought the light of Jesus into the lonely darkness of a sin-sick soul? There are countless individuals who are stumbling along in the gloom and murkiness of the iniquities that bind them. Extreme loneliness and despair is turning many of them to suicide. Are you assisting in some way in bringing the light of Jesus to these lonely people?

Our family recently had the privilege to sing and share at a couple rather unique places. One of these, was the Union Gospel Mission in Duluth, Minnesota. As I looked into the faces of many of these individuals, I saw the emptiness in their eyes. I was so saddened by the hopelessness and lack of purpose that was so evident on their faces.  As we shared about the hope and purpose they can have in Jesus Christ, there were quite a few who wanted to talk and share a bit of their stories with us. It was evident, for many of them, that the enemy of their souls was actively attempting to steal, kill, and destroy them. It is tremendously sad when satanic bondages are evident, and you face the realization that they will, most likely, never be able to be set free. However, only God knows the extent of their oppression and He continues to unwrap the “grave clothes,” even after others have given up on them. We need to be obedient to the Great Commission and pray that God will continue to work in their lives until they find complete healing and freedom in Christ.

There was one man, at this mission, whom I was able to talk to for quite a while. He was a perfect example of the progression that happens when Satan begins to ensnare a person. He was so trapped and misled that it was almost impossible to have a sensible conversation with him. After some time into our conversation, I asked him, “If you died today and God would ask you why He should allow you to come to heaven, what would you say?” He then began to ask me, “What makes you think that God is a HE? You are being a gender racist!” He also continued by saying, “What is heaven or hell? How do know that we aren’t dead now and in hell? When I die I will just go towards the light and everything will be fine.” This man was convinced that the Bible wasn’t true and that he was desperately trying to convince me that HE was right! I don’t believe he had any idea that he was talking in circles and, at times, totally contradicting what he was saying. After he began sharing about the supernatural powers he has and some of the manifestations of demon possession, I realized the extent of bondage that he was in. It will truly take a miracle for this man to ever see the light of Jesus and my heart ached with thinking of what he may face in eternity.

As we learned more about the mission and the people who were there, we found out what took place on a daily basis just a few blocks up the street. There are drug dealers who have found a legal way to sell synthetic street drugs labeled, “Not for Human Consumption.”  We saw a crowd of people in the area and this dealer is restricted by having two police officers on site to assist with the crowd. Is it any wonder there are so many individuals in this area who are addicted and mentally affected by these drugs? I later found an article that talks more about it. You can click here to read it as well. As we walked around the block, we went past the “Last Place on Earth” — which is only about a block up the street from the mission — without much thought. As you read in the article, you will see that there is much drug dealing that happens here.

The man I mentioned earlier at the rescue mission also made this comment, “Just yesterday, I had a supernatural and divine experience. I saw a huge light in the sky coming towards me and others couldn’t see it. This proves that I am spiritual and am walking in LIGHT!” I told him that it doesn’t prove anything but can merely be the proof that he’s been using drugs! I concluded our conversation by telling him that the reason the Bible doesn’t make sense is because he doesn’t have the Holy Spirit to reaveal truth to him. Since he didn’t believe in the Bible or the God of the Bible, he had no basis for anything. Only after he is willing to repent, turn from his sinful ways, and accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior, will he be able to experience true joy and freedom. When this happens, he will no longer need a synthetic drug to give him satan’s counterfeit sense of peace.


The words to a particular song have been going through my mind as I think about the many people we have seen and talked to in the last few days. These are the lyrics:

Lonely People, Jesus Loves You

Living in a world of busy people, they look you in the eye and read your mind. Even though they say they are concerned for you, no one ever wants to take the time. No one wants to listen to the broken, therefore you camouflage your misery. But Jesus sees right through the face you’re wearing, and He wants to hold you tenderly.

So, lonely people, Jesus loves you. No matter what you’re feeling now, you are not alone. Lonely people, Jesus loves you. Come let my Father show you how His love can be your home.

Regardless where you’ve looked for satisfaction, no matter what you’ve found or who you’ve known, you always end up feeling lost and empty, cause no one ever wants to hold you long. Oh, but I know One Who’s longing to embrace you and hold you for all eternity. What a blessed friend I’ve found in Jesus, I know because right now, He’s holding me…”

As we took a half hour break from singing and sharing at the Union Gospel Mission, we walked a few blocks down to the shore of Lake Superior. A lighthouse still stands there and is a reminder of how it shone brightly when the ships were engulfed by fog and the sea caption couldn’t see the shores. The main focus of the dedicated lighthouse keepers was to save the lives of those in the ships. Because of “newer technology,” this lighthouse is no longer active. The slogan on the Split Rock Lighthouse is, “Before GPS, there was a really BIG LIGHT!”  It is just “around the corner” of where all the street drug trafficking now occurs, and where many people are daily facing spiritual death. Where are the “bright lights” and the “lighthouse keepers” for those who are facing the certain deaths found today?

Are we too busy with the trifle events in our lives to see the lonely people who are drowning in hopelessness and despair?  They
simply need to be pointed to the light of Jesus Christ. Are we available to lead them safely to the “shore,” where they can find true rest for their souls? Has our “newer technology” replaced our “really BIG LIGHT?”

“The LIGHT of My presence is brilliant and everlasting. Walk in the Light with Me. Thus you become a beacon through whom others are drawn to Me.” (Jesus Calling)

“For You are my lamp, O Lord; The Lord shall enlighten my darkness.” (2 Sam. 22:29)

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family)

  • Amanda Hunsberger
    Posted at 14:31h, 24 July

    Thanks, Cindy!
    I need this today in my self-centered world!
    God bless you and the family!

  • Duane & Cindy
    Posted at 16:24h, 26 July

    Hi Mandy! It was good to hear from you! I hope your family is doing well…Don’t be too hard on yourself! Remember God doesn’t bring condemnation, only conviction. He also doesn’t call everyone in the same way BUT He does have a specific CALLING for each of us. God bless you as you serve Him faithfully where He calls you. ~Cindy

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