Letters to Austin

These are the letters that Brianna and Alisha wrote after Austin’s passing.


Dear Austin,
      I can hardly believe that you are gone, but in reality you are really still here. Everywhere I look, I see you and your things. One thing is for sure: you will  NEVER EVER be forgotten!!
   It’s hard to imagine that you will never grade my school papers again. We had so many dreams about the future….like when you would be 20, I would be 16, Brianna would be 18, Chantaya would be 6 and Kyra would be 4. 
      Thank you so much for all of the kind things you did for me. I really loved the nickname ” Double L” (LL)….. meaning “Loving Lisha”. I never thought of a nickname for you. You were always just my hero who always went first to do labs and you would encourage me to be brave. 
     You always had a joke for everyone. Every night when I was trying to sleep, you would come in my roomand turn the light on, just to tease me!
      Thank you for giving me my spelling test on Friday. Even though I didn’t see it at the time, but having to do it twice was really a blessing, because I got to spend more time with you. 
   I also remember on my 12th birthday, you gave me walkie-talkies. I will always treasure those. Whenever I eat a bowl of popcorn, I will remember you. 
        If I have a little boy, I will name him after his uncle Austin. I will never forget you and all of our memories together.
              I love you! You are my hero!!
          Your sis, 



I miss you so much, but yet your presence is so strong with us that it seems you’re still here. I turn around and think you are there. I think about something, and always include you in it. I still can’t believe you’re gone. I can’t imagine life without you. You were always the positive one-I think you got that from dad- and always joking about everything. You always made Chantaya and Kyra laugh and smile.
Remember this past winter when you were in the hospital…when we would all be there in the evening and your annoying IV pole would start beeping? Usually me and you would head up to the floor for the nurse to start it again. I loved times like that with you!
I remember you reading jokes, and on a particular one, breaking up with laughter before getting to the punch line! You were always the one to help me with any electronic things I needed.
You have always been the one who likes to have fun; to celebrate any little thing. Last year we went to an amusement park and you went on some of the less intense rides. The one ride didn’t look to intense, so me, you, Alisha, and mom went on it. When the ride started, we found out it was more intense then it looked! You were sitting beside me, and you were just laughing and giggling!
My heart aches thinking of those times. Your death seems so final, yet, so unreal. Any moment I’m expecting you to walk though the door, or wake up in the morning and it was all just a nightmare.
You told me you were going to teach me how to drive when I would get my permit. Who is going to do that now? When you weren’t feeling good or couldn’t do something because of your limitations,you never complained. You never let things get you down.
You are my hero, Austin! You are the best big brother in the world. You made the way for me and Alisha in this world, and now you’re leading the way to Heaven. You mean so much to me.    I love you!
-Bri Bri
( Your nickname for me)

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