Kid Talk Song Lyrics

Boy: I don’t ever wanna grow up

Girl: Why?

Boy: ‘Cause you can’t play, you’ve got to work all day

Girl: I don’t wanna grow up either

Boy: Why?

Girl: ‘Cause grownups get too busy to pray

Boy: Pray?

Boy: Bobby says praying doesn’t help much

Girl: Oh?

Boy: He says you’ve got to do it yourself

Girl: Well God didn’t say that in the Bible

Boy: Bible?

Girl: The big black book on Mommy’s shelf

Boy: Oh yeah

Boy: Who is God?

Girl: He’s my Father

Boy: You mean your dad?

Girl: No, silly

Girl: God’s much bigger than my dad

Boy: He is?

Girl: Yes, He made everything

Boy: Everything?

Girl: Yes everything. He even made you

Boy: Naw!

Boy: Where is God?

Girl: He’s everywhere

Boy: Everywhere?

Girl: Yes, everywhere

Boy: Tell me what does He do?

Girl: He takes good care of me and you

Boy: Why?

Girl: Because He loves us

Boy: But why?

Girl: I don’t know; He just does…

Boy: Well, I still don’t really wanna grow up

Girl: Oh?

Boy: But if I do, I think I’ll pray

Girl: Oh

Boy: ‘Cause you know I know that He would help me, if God is really that way

Girl: Well, you don’t have to wait until you grow up

Boy: No?

Girl: If you want, we can talk to Him, too

Both: Thank You, God, because You love us, and for everything You do

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