July 26, 2011


We are currently enjoying our time here at home although we have been very busy with trying to “catch up” with various things that need attention. Some of these things involve: getting rid of last year’s school books and making sure we have everything ordered for this current year, freezing peaches, getting book orders taken care of, cleaning some neglected corners, baking bread, cleaning out freezers, etc. We have been so grateful for Susanna Stoltzfus who is still assisting us until August 5th. She will be helping out at our house for three days this week and then for five days next week. Her help has been invaluable! Since we haven’t been home much this summer, it seems like our days are packed full with just trying to get caught up before it’s time to start packing again.

We are still in need of someone more permanently to assist our family. We have a Canada and PA tour coming up in a few weeks and aren’t sure what we will do with no one to take care of our little girls while we are singing. We know that God has it all worked out so we won’t fret but will wait on His timing. One of my goals for these two weeks while we are at home, was also to attempt potty training our two-year old. God knew all the other things that needed attention and blessed me with a very ready little girl who whole heartedly put herself into the experience and was trained in TWO days! This was going from not being interested at all to completely mastering it! Obviously, she has one happy mama!

We appreciate your continued prayers for our family!
Cindy (for the Mullett Family)

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