Jesus: Light Of Our World

This time of year the story is everywhere. Over two millennia ago, God Himself became flesh.

But Jesus didn’t come to earth to enter your perfect, Instagram life. He didn’t come into your high ideals or perfectionism. Jesus isn’t seen in your flawless relationships or immaculate homes. In fact, He doesn’t feel welcomed in your idealistic life. 

PC Alisha Mullett

Jesus isn’t interested in your perfect Christmas. 

Have you ever considered that Jesus came to enter your broken world? He wants to enter into your loneliness, financial struggles, health challenges, struggling relationships and unmet desires. Jesus came to enter into your crushed hopes and devastated loss. 

You don’t have to look very far to see brokenness. So. Much. Brokenness. But some forms of brokenness can be more obvious than others. We’re currently receiving many beautiful Christmas cards of picture perfect families. Yet, we know, despite appearances, everyone is dealing with some level of brokenness.

Our brokenness reminds us that we’re not living in paradise. But as we open each new day of our advent calendar, our hearts are filled with a whisper of hope. Every day brings us closer to the second coming of Messiah. We are comforted with the expectation of the celebration of His birth. Christmas is more than the birth of a Babe in the manger. 

Christmas is about Emmanuel. 

Christmas means that “God is now WITH us”. 

Imagine how dark and desolate life must have been before Jesus’ coming. Scholars say His birth was during the time of immense political unrest and upheaval. Zealots causing revolts, widespread terror, bloody battles and cold-blooded massacres were prevalent at that time. Herod’s reign of terror struck fear into the hearts of each individual. 

PC Alisha Mullett

God chose to send His Beloved Son to enter into this broken, terrifying mess. 

Jesus came to enter into our brokenness. 

Piercing through the shroud of darkness and evil, pure, Holy Light came bursting forth. This thread of illumination was the first glimmer of hope our broken, fragmented world has encountered. Jesus, even in the form of a helpless Babe offered goodness, holiness and hope to humanity. Evil, sin and despair finally met it’s conquering match. The power of God fills our hearts when our hearts are broken.

I reflect on the wonder of this Holy Light as I look for ways to add shimmery, cozy lights into our home. The warm twinkles illuminating from the aromatic pine garlands. Light has finally come! 

Jesus…Light of our world. What a difference He makes! 

Jesus impacted each person He met. Think of all the lives who were drastically changed by His encounter. The many sick who were made healthy and whole. Yet many individuals remained untouched and unchanged during Jesus’ earthly life. Many remained enshrouded in darkness because they never sought the Great Healer. The wise men were only wise because of their passion for seeking Jesus. 

Our darkness will remain until we invite Jesus into it. 

Jesus is the epitome of your brokenness. He fully understands and deeply cares. He wants to enter into your pain and darkness. God wants to be with YOU. In this hurry, scurry time of the year are you making time to be with Him? 

Jesus didn’t come to enter your perfect Christmas, He came to enter your imperfect world. 

No one understands imperfection and brokenness like Jesus. The first breath from the Son of God was breathed in brokenness. There was no aroma of cinnamon, fir trees, or fresh baked goodies. Instead the aroma of the first Christmas was animal dung and musty stalks of grain. Instead of warmth and comfort, our Savior was surrounded by itchy straw and animal filth. 

Jesus is not only with us, but Jesus feels with us. His heart hurts with what hurts ours. God has tied a thread of His heart to each of our own. He suffers with us. Jesus feels our pain. People who declare that a loving God would never allow pain, because His heart would break, forget that it already did.

Jesus wants to be more than someone who enters your life once or twice a year. Jesus wants to be more to you than a cold, lifeless object in your pristine nativity display.

PC Alisha Mullett

Where Jesus is, there is HOPE. We may struggle to find hope in this life, but there is always hope in Jesus. Hope for spending eternity with Him should encourage our hearts.

In the midst of our darkness, our brokenness, let’s reach out and grasp the stream of light and glimmer of hope His birth brings. 

Emmanuel, God IS with us.

This is my prayer, and I invite you to join me. Dear Jesus, I am choosing to make room for You. I welcome You into my broken, shattered world. I know it was for this very reason that You came. Forgive me for continuing to struggle in my darkness when Your very presence is what I need. Instead of striving to clear up my brokenness, help me to clear my schedule so I have more time for You. I choose to embrace You. I receive the Light of hope that only comes from You. Thank You for being my epitome of brokenness so I can become broken before You. Amen. 

Merry Christmas to each of you!

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family) 

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  • David Denlinger
    Posted at 06:43h, 20 December

    Weeping here.
    Thank you so much for caring about broken people who no longer have perfect family pictures to send. David.

  • Cindy
    Posted at 14:36h, 06 January

    Our heart’s ache for you, Dave. We believe Jesus weeps with you and will reward you eternity, as you faithfully allow Him to break, rescue and restore your brokenness. We are praying for you.

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