It’s Not About You!

What do you see when you look up at the sky on a clear, dark night? Does an individual star catch your attention, or do you gaze at the vast amount of stars in our incredibly magnificent galaxy?

This week, our family has been spending a few days at a state park. It is always inspiring when we take time to reflect and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Last evening, I was looking up into the star filled sky and was again reminded of what the glittering stars and the warm glowing moon teaches us.

So many times, we see ourselves as an individual “star”, playing out an important role on the stage of life. We have the tendency to think that life is all about taking care of ME! After all, I am uniquely special to God and made in His likeness. This is true. However, when God looks at the center of His created universe, He doesn’t just look at me. God doesn’t exist so He can make a big deal about any of us. We exist so we can make a big deal about GOD! 

Don’t each of us have the tendency to have our default set on selfishness? We get married because we think our spouse will make us happy. We have children because they will make us feel complete, love us in return, and hopefully, when we are older, will then take care of us. We complain when the weather isn’t what we want or when it interferes with our plans. What is our response when the government or political leaders don’t treat us right? Do we pray more earnestly for them, or do we show disrespect to those who God has placed over us? What happens when our spouse no longer makes us happy, and we determine they aren’t benefitting us any longer? We file for a divorce!

Does our self-celebration ever truly make us happy? No, it never has, and it never will! I have found that the majority of the time when I am upset and unhappy about a situation, it is because of the attitude, “It’s all about me.”

I encourage you to take inventory of your attitudes and even the prayers you pray. Are they all about you, asking God for things that you believe will make you happy? God does want us to be specific in what we ask Him. However, we need to determine if we are the sole benefactors, or if others are benefitted and God is glorified. God never meant for us to always be on the receiving end of prayer. It’s not just about being forgiven, but it’s also about being a forgiving person. It’s not about us being loved, but it’s about us being a loving person.  

The stars and the moon in all their uniqueness and splendor are only simple reflectors of the blazing glory of the sun. The moon is nothing but pitch black rock that reflects the light of the sun. Christians are nothing but mere sinners saved by grace, and our purpose is to reflect God’s great light. We will become a greater asset to God’s kingdom if we learn to accept our place in this planet as SON reflectors. How many people have you drawn to God because of the light they see reflecting from you? Are you being a valuable asset to God’s kingdom because you realize, it’s not about you? 






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