It’s Not Just “The Gospel”

This article was written by our daughter, Alisha, for a teen girl’s magazine. We thought we’d share it with you…


Most of us take things for granted. For instance, do you realize that there was once a time before air-conditioning and photo editing apps? Amazon was nothing but a rain forest, Apple was the little round fruit on trees, and TV was the initials of Teresa Vardley, your “bestie” next door. Freezers, refrigerators, credit cards, hot water faucets, interstate highways, phones…they were all only distant dreams in the minds of mechanics, school boys, inventors, and stay-at-home-moms all across America and the world. Yes, we all take some things for granted, to a certain extent, whatever they may be. However, there is one thing that many Christians take for granted. Call it the “bread and butter” of the spiritual realm. It’s the topic we overhear people talking about in serious, religious tones. It is…the gospel.


Photo Credit: Alisha Mullett

Photo Credit: Brianna Mullett


Let’s look at it this way: In Christ, we really do have it good in life. We are accepted, saved, forgiven, and we have great rewards awaiting in heaven. The Enemy knows that when our life is going splendidly, we tend to get lazy. We don’t mean to, but ever so slowly we start to diminish what was once a thrilling, thriving relationship with God to a sticky-note-long list tacked on our “to do” board. We pray, we read the Bible, we go to church and youth group, we may even be part of the worship team…But we begin to take for granted the colossal distinction that separates us from other religions:


The opportunity to have a personal relationship with our God.


Think about it! This is incredible. We can have relationship with God; this is the climax of the story. This profound message of the gospel has been passed down hundreds of years through many generations, yet it is simple enough that even the poorest and most uneducated child can understand it.


In our churches, “sharing our faith” is stressed from the pulpit. We need to be bold in sharing the gospel with others. But I don’t think we will ever become passionate about sharing the gospel until we become passionate about the gospel itself. Because the down-to-earth definition of sharing the gospel is simply having a thriving relationship with God yourself, then wanting those around you to know Him like you do. I believe that once we truly understand just how amazing the gospel is, we will have a thriving fountain bubbling uncontrollably into every aspect of our lives.


But with that said, introducing Jesus to others doesn’t always look the same. It can be subtle or bold. It doesn’t always involve passing out tracts, preaching to the cashier, or constantly talking about God in conversations with those who are unsaved. It can be the quiet peace you possess and your genuine care for others that speaks the loudest.


Sometimes we need to be bold in our witnessing, but the difference is when we share out of our relationship with Jesus, and not out of an obligation to a check list. Only then can the works be done, without exploiting the gospel.
~ Alisha Mullett (for the Mullett family)


Photo Credit: Alisha Mullett

Photo Credit: Alisha Mullett

Questions to contemplate:

-Do I have a personal relationship with God? Why is it so important for me to have this, before I witness? (John 15:4-5)

-Is having compassion for people’s souls really a necessary quality for me?  (Romans 10:1)

-When my sharing Christ with others gets tiring, what can give me perseverance? (Galatians 6:9) (Philippians 4:13) (1 Peter 5:6-7)

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