It’s God Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Man’s theories come, man’s theories go                                        

What’s fact today tomorrow’s out the door                                        

But I’ll stand firm, I won’t sway

I’ll believe what the Scriptures say


Who’s always been there? It’s God!                                                  

Who knows everything? It’s God!                                                    

Who’s all-powerful? It’s God!

Who can we trust? It’s God!

Verse 2

The world can have a billion PhDs

But next to God it’s the minor-league

God named the stars, he knows their sum                                        

Creator speaks, and wow! it’s done

Verse 3

Some alter the scripture to fit their views                                            

But I won’t change what I know is true                                      

Regardless of what skeptics heard

I’ll trust in God’s inspired word

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