How Big is Your God?

Are you limiting God in the events of your life? Do others reject the God you serve because of the decisions you are making? Just how big is your God?

Are you experiencing financial stress right now? Is your God capable of providing the peace to confidently rest in the assurance that He will provide for your needs? Are you in the midst of a strained relationship and can’t seem to work through the issues? Is your God big enough to fill you with His love and forgiveness, so that you don’t have to sever the relationship? Maybe you have someone very special who is facing cancer or another sickness, and you are scared of losing them. Is God big enough for this? You may find yourself tired and overwhelmed with the busyness of life and meeting the demands of your employer or family. Is God able to give you the joy and purpose that so many others are longing to experience?

A number of years ago, my husband, Duane, was having a weekly Bible study at a local prison. On this particular Monday evening, he shared this testimony with the men that were there. “I serve a much bigger God tonight, than I did last Monday night! This past week, my 5 year old son, Austin, has been experiencing terrible pain in his head. We keep taking him back to the pediatrician, but they can’t find what is causing this intense pain. We are holding him until he falls asleep at night just to help comfort him as much as possible. They keep giving him more medication, but he just isn’t getting better. On top of all that, I had to take my wife, Cindy, to the emergency room. She had surgery to remove her appendix, spent time in the hospital, and is still trying to recover. My problems have been very big this past week, but because I KNOW that my God is bigger and in control of all things.…my God has now become much bigger!”

We had no idea how much bigger our mountain of trials and tears was going to get, but we were committed to the fact that God was still in control and sovereign. God was preparing us for the long and hard journey that we were just entering into by giving us this truth. I know that God doesn’t change in size, instead, it is our perception that changes. (You can read this story in our book, “Big Mountain, Bigger God.”)

Daddy and daughter time at the Oregon coast

We can compare our relationship with God to a parent and child relationship. A strong relationship needs the foundation of faith and trust. Our two little girls love their daddy and trust him to take care of them. They know that Daddy will do his best to keep them safe. If Daddy throws them in the air, they don’t worry and fret that he is not big enough to catch them. Their perception of Daddy is much bigger than that! It would be disappointing if they wouldn’t trust Daddy in this situation or go to him when they need help. How must God feel when we don’t trust Him or accept His help?

We have the tendency to bring God down in size because of our lack of faith. When non believers find us worrying about the future and stressing about temporal things, they realize we respond the same way that they do. We take things into our own hands. When we gripe and complain, just like they do, about the economy, weather, high taxes and the current political agenda, they can tell that our values are the same. Is there any wonder that we are seeing agnostic individuals because they have observed or experienced the devastating affects of a selfish and loveless marriage or any other relationship between Christians?

If we want Christ to be seen through us then it is time to reach out and claim the grace that is available to us. The world is tired of seeing powerless and purposeless Christians. Why would they want to serve a God that doesn’t really make any difference? Many Christians try to resolve the issues in their lives in the same way non believers do. Let’s change this around and choose to make a difference, drawing others to our great and mighty God!





  • Kim Stoll
    Posted at 09:09h, 27 June

    This was challenging for me when I read this this morning! I needed it! Thanks, and may you be blessed!

  • Duane & Cindy
    Posted at 17:28h, 01 July

    Kim, I praise God that it was an encouragement to you. I always am writing the challenge to myself first of all. I need to hear it more than anyone! Thank God for His mercy and forgiveness! -Cindy

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