Here Kitty, Kitty Song Lyrics

Verse 1

In the book of Daniel there’s a story to be told

Of a little Hebrew boy who was 14 years old

He was taken from his home, and he marched to Babylon                    

But in his heart he knew God would help him carry on


Well, they threw Daniel in the lions den and there was no way out

Daniel didn’t scream, and Daniel didn’t holler, and Daniel didn’t even shout            

He prayed to his God and God heard the prayer

Closed the lions mouth, they only purred and stared

Here kitty kitty kitty, here kitty kitty kitty,                                            

Here kitty kitty kitty, here kitty, kitty                                                      

Purr for me kitty


Nice kitty

Verse 2

To a land of plenty ruled by a mighty king

Daniel and his friends were taken there it seems                              

When the king said bow, Daniel stood tall

When the lions saw the angel, they coughed a fur ball

Verse 3

The king had many dreams and asked what they foretold                  

His people could not answer, but Daniel grew bold

He knew with his awesome God the answer he would find                    

A stature made of nations and a king that lost his mind

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