God’s Grace Isn’t Exhausted When You Are

Photo Credit: Sander van der Wel

Why do we sometimes struggle to feel God’s grace during the extremely difficult times in our lives? When we are exhausted and hurting, why is it so easy to believe that God must have somehow missed us while He was dishing out His phenomenal grace on others?

When the bills keep coming in and the money doesn’t, why does it seem like God has forgotten about us? When our health begins to fail, does God also? If someone we love begins to reject us, when our children are wayward, when there seems to be no answers to our problems, does this mean God is silent and doesn’t care?

Don’t the words courageous, overcomer, victorious, successful, confident and encourager stir up positive emotions within you? Now think about the words; struggling, discouraged, hurting, weak, and broken. Do you notice the different emotions you feel simply by thinking about these words? We naturally shrink away from these negative feelings, doing everything we can to avoid them. In fact, it’s been proven that negative thoughts and emotions affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now let me ask you, when you think of the life of Jesus, do you think of positive words like: wealthy, respected, honored, and whole? Or do the words: suffering, homeless, condemned, misunderstood, broken and battered better describe the life of Jesus?

No one likes to be broken. Being Humpty Dumpty doesn’t appeal to any of us. And typically, we don’t like to see brokenness in others. When we can’t “fix” their problems, we tend to avoid them. But suffering, sin, and death will always be a part of this broken earth.

Photo Credit: John Liu https://www.flickr.com/photos/8047705@N02/5816198695/in/photolist-9RXxeR-nKKqsA-551xgV-5gAV2G-9jQwZu-4AxbUJ-cvkx6f-65U1Kz-cvkgt7-cvkrsq-rgxPr3-cvkCbu-75vH2L-bbTJrt-2RbbDC-bbTJU6-7KvyMe-6zYCmX-ow99Sn-j7YzMd-bwg3j3-fFH2hj-7LtVjT-8my3eT-4FmrJC-47Y5sq-azgevq-9ySHoB-aym3dZ-8YbMM3-7reaQN-9unueP-9uqv6u-9uqueJ-9jQwSm-8d6qo9-e7HVFm-rZEa19-9yjrUK-9yns69-9ynqTw-9yjrL4-9yjrvP-9yjqMk-9yjs8M-9ynqEy-9yjrmz-ixoBSb-9aXeqC-5jXva7

Photo Credit: John Liu

However, do you realize that God hasn’t forsaken you simply because life is tough? God’s grace hasn’t run out because your energy has. Many times, your prayers are being answered even when you feel like His silence is deafening. Remember God’s grace isn’t needed in the glorious times, but rather in the shattered moments.

It is in those times, that we need to worship Him in our brokenness, rather than questioning His goodness. We should be glorifying rather than griping. Praising instead complaining. Resting rather than striving. Listening rather than demanding. It is allowing God to exchange our messes for His message.

We see brokenness and suffering as something to be despised and avoided, even though the life of Jesus was filled with intense sorrow, excruciating pain, and horrible mistreatment.

Life’s circumstances and challenges may have you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and discouraged, but take heart, my friend. Your broken world is the canvas of God’s beautiful masterpiece. However, action on your part is required if you want this beauty to take place. It requires giving up the control of your life. And this includes being vulnerable enough to admit that you are struggling, needy, discouraged, or broken.

I believe this is the element of grace that is so often misunderstood. God’s grace isn’t there to “cover up” or excuse sin, but it is there to allow us to be real. Our honesty when we can’t make sense of our struggles is important to God. When we read the book of Psalms and hear the gut-wrenching cries of David’s heart, we can see his intense battles, yet he consistently comes back to rejoicing and worshiping in his storms. This is the same grace that is offered to each of us today. Don’t expect perfection from yourself and believe the lie that some people never struggle like you do. That’s simply not realistic. God’s grace IS there to help you live victoriously, but it’s also there when you’re struggling and discouraged.

“In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion. Deliver me in thy righteousness, and cause me to escape: incline thine ear unto me, and save me.” (Psalms 71:1-2) 

Photo Credit: Carson Coots https://www.flickr.com/photos/whitepaper/84280341/in/photolist-8rXBk-9GH2Ny-psYvR7-c8qLyN-pdwocY-bq43td-psYyZG-aMfBMF-bBhhqk-6YmgB8-aMfB3t-8KDHxZ-6V7sr3-4gssFM-uwC4q-EbgoQ-dUk9U6-dUk9yv-8W19ae-kj94EV-74Psd3-8dfyFu-rfp4XL-rhD2mQ-6vKaM7-9Fw9Ci-bmF67d-5nLzaq-rVABN4-6Exk53-8GSjXa-4RkD28-6JkyX5-at8Jbt-cHCXtE-3bn8L-6q46xc-puJqMk-4YDiTV-ehQDkX-dJenFS-8LdCbh-puZ1sE-qTWS5P-9QjaP2-f8PxKe-65rfV7-9EVyTp-2emqtP-dFCL2p

Photo Credit: Carson Coots

As Christians, we should  view ourselves as struggling, imperfect, sin-prone individuals who are consciously aware of who we are, apart from the blood of Jesus who forgives, redeems and makes us His own.

Last week, our family was in the recording studio, doing the vocals for a new album. Many of the songs we’ve chosen have a theme of HOPE that we believe will encourage those who are discouraged or facing various battles in life. The following are lyrics to one of the songs that goes along with the message of feeling defeated and believing your prayers are not being answered. We pray that it will encourage you to not give up, keep the faith, and keep believing in the faithfulness of our gracious Father.

“Everybody falls sometimes

You gotta find the strength to rise

From the ashes

and make a new beginning

Anyone can feel the ache

You think it’s more than you can take

But you’re stronger

Stronger then you know

Don’t you give up now

The sun will soon be shining

You gotta face the clouds

To find the silver lining


I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains

Hope that doesn’t ever end

Even when the sky is falling

I’ve seen miracles just happen

Silent prayers get answered

Broken hearts become brand-new

That’s what faith can do

Verse 2

It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard

Impossible is not a word

It’s just a reason

For someone not to try

Everybody’s scared to death

When they decide to take that step

Out on the water

But it’ll be alright.

Cause life is so much more

Than what your eyes are seeing

You will find your way

If you keep believing

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family)

  • Leah Stutzman
    Posted at 21:47h, 30 May

    Thank u for allowing the Lord to speak thru u to others. I really needed to read this truth nugget again ! God bless your ministry.

  • Lori Martin
    Posted at 21:52h, 30 May

    Great read. Encouraging words. Your writing style reminds me of Max Lucado. Keep writing!

  • Ruth
    Posted at 00:18h, 31 May

    I really needed the message in this post! Feeling so battle worn! Thanks for these encouraging words!

  • Rudy yutzy
    Posted at 21:42h, 20 August

    Well written article!!

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