God’s Beautiful Masterpiece

Do you trust God as the artist that is meticulously painting on the canvas of your life? As the brush strokes of sorrow and trials sweep across your life, do you rest in the fact that He is painting a beautiful work of art? All the various colors and shades are a result of each circumstance that you have faced.

Before a painter begins a masterpiece, he will first contemplate and visualize the strokes and shades that will be needed to complete his beautiful painting. God is much more meticulous than even the best artist. Every stroke that is brushed across your canvas is contemplated by the almighty God, and He has an eternal purpose for it.

Leaving ICU after Austin’s second heart transplant

Our son, Austin, came to the realization of this fact at a very young age, and we were able to see how this perspective made ALL the difference. (Austin had his first heart transplant at eight months and then battled two different forms of cancer before he had his second heart transplant at 16 years old.) Although Austin realized that his life expectancy here on earth would probably be short, he chose to focus on preparing for his eternal home. We never heard Austin complain about his painful and difficult life. He lived every day to the fullest. He had absolutely no fear of dying. If you have read his book, “I’m a Winner Either Way,” you know some of the key elements that enabled him to have this perspective. Austin allowed God to use his life as a beautiful masterpiece of art.

I find it very intriguing that many of the famous painters only became famous after they died. Although they invested much time and energy into their paintings, they never lived to see the results. Many of them lived in poverty, and they faced numerous times of discouragement and wondered if their labor was in vain. Yet, they kept pursuing their passions and used the talents that God had given them. Because of their perseverance, their paintings have been enjoyed and have benefitted many others. They saw few results of their hard work and had no idea that their paintings would become valuable AFTER their death.

Do you wonder about the canvas of your life? Is there a purpose for the difficult and sometimes mundane events that you are encountering? If you have a short term perspective, you may become discouraged and feel like giving up. A long term perspective sees our life here on earth, as being as brief as a thought that crosses through our minds. We are created to live eternally. We may never see the results of our faithfulness while we are living here on earth. However, we can have the assurance that Jesus is the great Author and Finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2) With each stroke of  circumstance, God is creating a magnificent masterpiece out of our lives. The beauty and splendor of Heaven will be worth every stroke of sorrow that we face. Let’s open our hearts to the pain and suffering that comes into our lives.  It will be worth it all when we present the canvas of our lives to God, and we hear His words of affirmation: “Well done thou good and faithful servant…enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” (Matthew 25:21)

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