Exquisite Diamond or Chunk of Coal?

On Mother’s Day weekend, I was asked to speak at a women’s luncheon and tea in Tallahassee, Florida. The theme of this event was entitled, “God’s Diamond in the Rough.” We had a delightful time together, and it was a special opportunity for me to give encouragement to these lovely “women of faith.”  These are some of the thoughts that God laid on my heart to share with them…

What is the definition of a “Diamond in the Rough”? I love this definition that I came across: “…something (or someone) that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the FINAL TOUCHES that would make it (or them) truly stand out from the crowd.” Does this describe you? If so, then let’s discover some of God’s “final touches” that are needed in developing you into a unique and beautiful diamond.

Let’s begin by comparing diamonds and chunks of coal. Have you ever admired or found yourself attracted to the beauty of a piece of black coal? Have you ever admired someone else’s “chunk of coal” or longed to wear a ring or necklace made out of genuine, black coal? This sounds rather ridiculous, doesn’t it? This is because coal has no beauty whatsoever. It is not altogether useless and without value; however, coal lacks considerably in the beauty department!

Now what about a sparkling diamond? Have you ever admired the pure and magnificent beauty of a genuine diamond? Does a diamond’s brilliant loveliness capture your eye? What is the difference between coal and diamonds? Diamonds have experienced the finishing touches of a master “stone cutter.”

A diamond has an inner fire and is considered “internally flawless” when it is found free of internal characteristics. The rare white diamonds have a clear beauty and reflect the light rather than absorb any of it. Does this describe your life as a Christian? Do you have joy and a purity that is so rare that God’s light is clearly reflected from your life? Do you posses an “inner fire” that comes from being filled with the God’s spirit?

A diamond in its natural, uncut state is called a “rough diamond.”It literally looks like a glass pebble, and most people would pass it by without a second glance. It is only when a skillful, experienced, diamond cutter chisels away with precise and deliberate cuts, that the brilliance is unlocked, and it becomes valuable.

Have you found yourself reeling from the blows of your Master “Stone Cutter?” If this is true, then I hope you realize that He has hand picked you from the “crowd”  because He sees the future potential that you possess. Do you allow the Great Diamond Cutter to cut and chip at your life, because you desire the brilliance that isn’t possible any other way? Do you allow Him to contemplate just the right cuts that will enable you to shine brighter for Him? Do you DESIRE the blows from His chisel?

Diamonds are increasingly harder to find, and only about twenty percent of all rough diamonds are suitable for turning into gems. In the same way, the Bible says the same is true for Believers. In Matthew 7:14 it says, “Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” 

Diamonds are very durable and are one of the hardest substances known. Because of this fact, they are resistant to deterioration and deformities. Their beauty can easily be enjoyed by multiple generations. Do you desire this for your life and for your future generations? When the contaminates of this world threaten you, are you steadfast and resistant? Are you  becoming more valuable and rare in our sin-filled society?

When you scrutinize your life and the ways that you have responded to the many events that you have faced over the years, does your life look more like an ugly chunk of black coal or like a beautiful diamond? Do you realize that it is not too late to become an exquisite and  attractive diamond? Make the commitment today to shine for Jesus!

(I went on to share with these ladies about ten practical, but life changing steps that have helped our family handle the pain and loss that we have experienced over the years. I will share them in an upcoming blog…)

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family)

  • Esther Zeiset
    Posted at 15:18h, 22 May

    I really do enjoy you insightful blogs. I’m grateful also that you can get out among the many hurting women of today.
    There are times I wish to be young again. But I’m so glad to know you and pray for you daily. Many times daily. God bless you as you continue to minister.


  • Duane & Cindy
    Posted at 19:24h, 22 May

    I am so blessed, Esther, to have a strong woman of faith like you praying for me daily. What a blessing! I know so many other women don’t have this blessing and I feel very unworthy, but I am so grateful. Thank you for the many ways that you and Alan bless our family. We love you!

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