Duane’s update – 2018 greetings!


Greetings in the year of 2018!

God has given life and purpose to each of us in 2017, and it has been His gift to us. Now in 2018, we have opportunities to invest this gift of life. Investing our time, energy, and resources in discipling relationships gives us the greatest impact, as well as purpose. A good way to evaluate our choices is by having this daily sub-conscience question running through our mind: “God how will this choice advance Your kingdom? Or hinder it?”

As I look forward to 2018, I am asking, “God, how do You desire to direct us?” There are three directions our family is hoping to focus on.


1. Developing “From Pain to Purpose” material. These materials can be used in churches for Sunday school and small group materials. I also see great potential for using it in our prison ministry focus.

2. Launching a 4-5 day prison ministry focus. Each day would consist of teaching, small groups, one-on-one counseling and collective ministry times. We will be in need of ministry partners who would be able to assist in this way.

3. Expanding our one night services as a tool for pastors and the local church to reach into their communities and share hope through Christ. Our goal is to strengthen the ministry of the local church.


On a personal note, our daughter, Alisha, has again been struggling with severe skin issues and allergies. We saw a doctor in Atlanta, GA, today, and are waiting for the results of all the testing they did. They are hoping to be able to get to the root of the issue and help us resolve it. Please pray for Alisha.

We’re excited to get our new bus this next Wednesday. Although it’s not “new”, it is certainly new to us and will be a huge blessing. I hope to have more information about it in our next email.

Please continue to pray for God’s direction and provision for “From Pain to Purpose” in 2018. He has been incredibly faithful, and we know His hand will continue leading us.

Because of Jesus,




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