“Big Mountain, Bigger God”

Our Book: “Big Mountain, Bigger God”

Where are You, God?

Why us, Lord? Why our children?

If You can heal, Lord, why don’t You?

God, how can we trust You when things don’t seem to make any sense?

These questions have riddled the lives of the Mullett family for several years.

We all have dreams, hopes, and plans for our future. Yet life rarely turns out exactly the way we expect. Duane and Cindy Mullett are no exception. Just like everyone else, they had a very clear picture of how they thought life would be: a happy marriage and a large, healthy, loving family that carried a passion to share God’s love, mercy, and life-changing power to others around the world.

Little did they know the heart-breaking challenges they would have to face.

Austin after first heart transplant

At age 16, Austin Mullett was preparing for his second heart transplant; his first was at the age of eight months. Every day since that time, Austin’s life was consumed with facing the challenges of being a transplant recipient, as well as fighting to survive two bouts of very aggressive cancers.

His second younger sister, Alisha, received a heart transplant at three months old. Like her brother, she too has endured several years of facing the fear of transplant rejection and fighting against severe allergies brought on by multiple chemical sensitivities.

As a family, the Mulletts have endured weeks at a time in hospitals with Austin or Alisha undergoing tests, procedures, surgeries, and scores of other treatments—weeks filled with joy and anguish, fear and relief, peace and pain, confidence and uncertainty.

Those unanswered questions of WHY? should have emotionally crippled them, but they didn’t. Instead, this courageous family has taken each twist and turn of life, each trial and test, and turned it around into a lesson that would help them grow stronger and more thankful.

Through it all, they have learned two important things: God wants us to depend on Him for everything—to remember that His grace and mercy are sufficient even when we do not understand, for in our weakness, we know His strength; and, no matter how big the “mountain” is in our life, GOD IS BIGGER!  

We are excited about how God has been using this book to bring encouragement and hope to many who are facing pain, difficulty, and loss. Order your copy online today “Big Mountain, Bigger God” OR leave a message at: 828-606-7507.


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