Big Mountain, Bigger God Testimonials

Some people have been asking us how our book “Big Mountain, Bigger God” has been selling and what the impact has been on other lives. We are so grateful to God for the ways He has been using our story to encourage others and draw precious souls unto Himself. To God be all the glory! We would not have CHOSEN to walk this journey but we also would not trade the lessons learned through out our journey.
We thought we would share some testimonies from the letters and notes that others have sent to us regarding “Big Mountain, Bigger God”……..


 -What a powerful story of faith, perseverance, struggles, disappointments and more faith! 


-What a blessing to read your book! It was with tears and deep inspiration that I read it. I thank God for your testimony.


-I enjoyed reading your book. You did a very good job in describing the feelings that go with a “special needs” child.


-The demonstration in your family of intimacy and the love for God and one another softened my heart and has brought change to our family. Your testimony of God’s grace has touched us.


-I shed many tears while reading your book!


-Thank you for sharing your story. We were greatly encouraged by your book! Thanks for the reminder that God’s way is the best way.


-Thanks for sharing your life experience with us. It was a very “touching” book to read.


-We had tears as we were reading your book and were so blessed by Austin’s faith and courage.


-Thanks so much for the book. I couldn’t put it down!


-I have been very blessed by reading your book. I really appreciated your openness, your frustrations, the trials as well as the triumphs.


-Excellent book! I believe Austin touched more lives in his 16 years than many of us do in 70-80 years!


-Thank you so much for ministering in so many ways..for using your “mountains” to speak hope to other hurting families.


-What a gift your book is!


-I marvel at the grace that has flowed out of your family thru all the trials you’ve endured together.


-Your book is so encouraging and sad at the same time. It is one that you just can’t let go when you start reading.


-Your book is an inspiration and an encouragement to rely on God’s strength and grace.


-What a wonderful book! It is such a blessing to all who read it! You have allowed God to use you even in the darkest time in your lives. You truly are soldiers of the cross!


-I’m reading your book and just have to cry at all the hard things you dear people have went through.


-Thanks for taking the time to share your “story” with us. We are looking forward to the next book!


-Your book is such an expression of God’s grace and love. It was hard to put down. It brought tears.


-I was touched and cried as the story unfolded.


-I could hardly put the book down till I finished it! 


-Awesome testimony!


-I’m confident that God is and will use this book to encourage many others going through difficult times.


-Your book is being read by three people in our family right now. I find it very heart rendering! 


-A blessed read!


-Thank you, Mullett family, for an outstanding book!


-We really love the book and your testimony!


-Your book was so incredible in seeing the hand of God in your lives and in seeing your faith to carry you through the test of trials.


-I’ve been so blessed in reading your book!


-Your book was a great blessing from the Lord! We appreciate your honesty with the valleys and the mountain top experiences. We are going through a rough time and it has helped us so very much!


-Thanks for the great book! I am eager to share these books with other families facing trials.


-You did a great job on the book! Thanks for your openness in sharing.


-I really enjoyed reading this book. It feels like I’m experiencing it with you all as you go through all of those difficult times. I also really enjoy your CDs. I know you believe in the songs that you sing!


-We have been deeply touched in reading “Big Mountain, Bigger God”. Your lives have testified of the enabling grace of God.


-I am really enjoying your book!


-It is so touching but also inspiring in the way that you cling to God and also watching how God took care of you. I’m only part of the way through and it has been such an encouragement already!


-Excellent book! Thank you for sharing! We want the next one……and the next!


-Many times I could relate to your pain and hopelessness.Thank you for sharing your experience and for facing your mountains with courage.


-What a book! I was really blessed!


-What a powerful testimony of God’s grace in trials and testings!


-Thanks for the book! I am looking forward to the next one.


-We so thoroughly enjoyed the book!


-The “telling” of your family story was so inspiring to me!


-You have a testimony that other people need to hear!


-Blessings to you for sharing your story…I wept, was challenged, and gave glory to God throughout it’s pages!


All glory and honor belongs to our Lord, Who has daily showered us with His love and grace!

Cindy (for the Mullett family)


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  • Amee Delbridge
    Posted at 15:46h, 05 October

    Your book was a tremendous blessing and encouragement to me even after 12 years this November of loosing my infant son, Joshua, who was waiting for a new heart. It certainly has brought up a lot of memories for me and has reminded me of the Lords presence through such tragic circumstances! I still miss Joshua today just as much as the day he went home to be with the Lord. I still struggle with the questions of “why” the Lord would take him at such a young age. Yet the Lord has blessed me in so many ways, even in the brief time Joshua was in my life. We have been blessed with 5 other children (one who also has a heart defect but is doing well). I know without a doubt that the Lord place your book in my hands! All praise be to him!

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