August 26, 2011

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,

We are finally back in an area where we have Internet connection so it is time to give another family update. Our Internet coverage didn’t work while in Canada and we only had texting on our phone so we were ready to be back in the USA again.

We really appreciate the prayers that you have prayed for us. The services have went well and I believe that God was glorified through the songs and messages that were shared. There was one service where we didn’t have anyone to watch the little girls until about 3 minutes before we had to walk onto the stage!  They, however, did wonderful for each program and we really appreciate those who helped to care for them.

We thoroughly enjoyed the time that we were able to share at the women’s prison in Ontario. The message of IBLP’S Anger Resolution Seminar was so appreciated by the ladies and they all expressed how they thought the content was so practical and such a help for them to use in their spiritual growth. We highly recommend this for everyone and it has been a tremendous tool and helped us so much in our lives personally. It is exciting when you see how lives are turned to Christ through these materials. The women really enjoyed when we were able to share some personal stories of how God used this seminar in our lives….

One of these examples was when I had a hemorrhaging problem for a few years that just continued to get worse until two different specialists said that we had no other option except to do a complete hysterectomy. We had tried so many different things and nothing seemed to help. Three weeks before the surgery, we cancelled it because Duane and I both felt like God wanted to do something greater. Right after that, as we were seeking God’s direction for the next step, we attended this seminar. After being exposed to these truths, our whole family knelt and prayed and broke the generational sins that we had seen present in both of our families. It was only a few weeks later when we realized that the hemorrhaging had cleared up. The doctors had said that even if I don’t have the hysterectomy, it would be impossible for me to be able to conceive again….. A few weeks after this I became pregnant with Chantaya Faith! Praise God!  His ways DO work! Why do we readily accept that our physical tendencies and weaknesses are passed down through generations but not the sin tendencies and consequences? That’s what God’s Word says!

It was interesting how God opened the doors for us to minister after we shared some of our pilgrimage with these dear women. The chaplain shared with us about some of the comments that were made after our first evening at the prison. Some of them said that they can see that we haven’t had many trials because they could clearly see God’s peace on our faces. They saw the ministry’s motor home in the parking lot and they thought it looked like we have really been able to make a good life for ourselves!  After we share the DVDs of “Father’s Son” and “That’s God,” the walls seem to come down and there is a common “oneness” that the inmates feel toward us. Even though we couldn’t identify with the physical and sexual abuse that 90% of these women encountered, they could see our pain and to them…pain is PAIN! They wanted to share their personal stories with us and one hurting lady told me, “Because I see what all you have went through and still have God’s peace, I now know that I can make it through my pain.”  To God be the glory!

We continue to experience God’s grace and have also met so many other families who are on this heart wrenching journey of grief. It is amazing how God heals us as we minister to others. Chantaya continues to amaze us with what she remembers about Austin, even though it has been almost 10 months since his “home-going” and she had just turned two years old…The other day as something was mentioned about Heaven, she, matter of factly, stated, “That’s where Austin lives.” I said, “What do you think that Austin is doing in Heaven right now?” She replied, “I think he’s playing ball.” After thinking a little bit she continued, “No, Austin can’t walk or talk any more. He’s just laying in a big, big box!” (coffin) When I explained that Austin is now in Heaven and can walk and talk again and won’t ever be sick again, she wistfully asked, “So now he can come back to us?”

Brianna and Alisha have started their school studies so we are staying very busy with that as well. Kyra continues to grow and develop her vocabulary. During the last two services she wasn’t content any more to have one of us hold her while Chantaya sang. She wants her own microphone and nods her head as she “sings.” Sometimes she taps on the mic to see if it makes a noise and if it doesn’t, she wants a different one that works! She is 15 months old and tries so hard to keep up with her big sister.

We will have much work that needs to be done on our new book when we get back home. Many people have been asking when it will be completed and we are still attempting to make it for a November printing. Please pray with us that the finances and details will come together for the deadline.

Gratefully His,

Cindy (for the Mullett Family )

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