Are You as Big as You Think?

This morning, my little girl gave me a rather humorous glimpse of what we adults have a tendency to do to God. Although Kyra is only two years old, she has the tendency to think that she is much bigger and stronger than what she really is. Since she is the baby of our family with three older sisters to keep up with, she has become a high achiever, persistent in keeping up with everyone. I just don’t understand why my baby is determined to grow up so quickly!

Chantaya, our four year old daughter, commented that Kyra was too small to do something. Kyra stood on her toes to make herself look taller, but when she still wasn’t as tall as Chantaya, she climbed on a chair and declared, “See! I’m MUCH bigger than you are! I’m NOT little anymore!” Chantaya turned to me with an incredulous look and said, “She just THINKS she’s bigger, but she’s not! She’s still little, isn’t she?”  I whispered in Chantaya’s ear, “Yes, Kyra is still little, whether she knows it or not.” 

As I reflect over my life, I can see the many times that I have had this attitude toward God. As I have seen difficulties and trials looming in front of me, I have desperately tried to pull myself up to size. I’ve subconsciously communicated this message to God: “It’s okay. I can handle this. I will find a way to correct this situation in my own strength because I am big enough to handle this on my own; I really don’t need Your help.” 

I have never said this to God. However, when my first response was to take my children to the doctor rather than crying out to God for healing, what was I communicating? Was the doctor’s wisdom our greatest need or was it God’s touch that we needed most? What happens when we feverishly spend large amounts of time looking for a new job rather than spending quality time on our knees before God? Could we find that job sooner with less stress if we took time to hear from God first? Are we prone to think that we are bigger than we really are?

I am not advocating that we should expect God to just hand things to us without doing our part in asking, seeking, and knocking. In Matthew 7:7-8, it says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

This verse indicates that there should be action from us when we have needs in our lives. This includes going to the doctor, turning in job applications, etc. However, in today’s world, we have become self-sufficient in many ways, and the spirit of pride hinders us in more ways than we realize. Why is it hard for us to accept financial help from someone when we are struggling to make ends meet? Do we think that we are “big enough” to provide for ourselves? When we have physical limitations, why is it so humbling when someone wants to assist us? God knows that it is vital for us to comprehend our inability to be in control. He allows us to experience circumstances that bring us down in size so we acknowledge our dependence on Him.

Although we are created in God’s image and are exceedingly valuable to Him, we are nothing more but mere specks of “glorified dust” in this vast universe. Why then are we susceptible to the belief that we deserve a problem-free life? We grasp to control the events of our lives, but this only leads to the destruction of our souls rather than the peace we desire. When we open our hands in trust in God, we acknowledge our need of Him and allow Him to be preeminent in our lives. Rather than seeking perfection in this life, we should be seeking to glorify God and to show others how great He is.

If you are a child of God, you have probably prayed many times for God to use your life in a mighty way. You heart’s desire is to glorify Him. Imagine God asking you, “Are you willing to be a vessel through which My light can brightly be seen? I have an incredible opportunity for you to portray My light in unbelievable splendor. Can I shine brightly through you?” How would you answer these questions?

Do you realize that the backdrop that God uses to display His light is found in the darkness of trials, tears, disappointments, and

Our Sad…but Sweet Little Kyra

pain? His light shines the brightest through believers who trust in Him while experiencing the darkness. On these dark days, God’s grace and peace stands out in sharp contrast to the desperate circumstances that threaten to overtake you. Your response to whatever comes your way is your greatest testimony for the Lord. Instead of becoming controlling, you can make the choice of trusting God rather than worrying and fretting. Don’t recoil from the pain and difficulties in life since they are God’s greatest gifts to you. They are filled with many opportunities for spiritual growth and proclaiming the greatness and goodness of our God.

A few months ago, Kyra had another harsh reality check. She was observing an older cousin jumping down a few concrete steps. Since she struggles with believing that she is bigger than she is, she followed suit. Unfortunately, this meant an unexpected visit to the emergency room and a few weeks of wearing a cast on her leg. Amidst all of her tears, she said, “Mommy, I promise NEVER to jump again!” As you can imagine, she has long forgotten about this incident. She is again jumping, and we need to continue to remind her that she isn’t invincible. What a comparable picture of how we must look to God when we forget how small we are without Him and continue trying to do things in our own strength. Just how big are you?

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